Learn to draw 200+ cute critters!

Step-by-step instructions break each doodle into simple shapes and teach readers of all ages how to create their favorite animals. Plus, learn to combine them to draw wildlife scenes in a variety of habitats!

The Ultimate Collection of Doodles from the Wild Side

Animal lovers, grab your pencils! Take your doodles to the next level with adorable, easy-to-draw wildlife from Amy Latta, bestselling author of Doodle Everything! From aardvark to zebra, Amy breaks down each animal drawing into simple shapes and effortless steps that produce the cutest creatures every time, no matter your age or skill level. Plus, blank practice spaces are provided throughout so you can doodle as you go!

As you draw along, you’ll love learning unexpected facts about your favorite animals: Did you know woodpeckers have a unique bone that protects their brains from damage when pecking? Or that nine-banded armadillos almost always give birth to identical quadruplets? With bonus tutorials on how to draw animal families and habitats, you’ll be decorating notebooks, planners, greeting cards and more with doodles like:

• A pack of wolves howling at the full moon in a forest clearing
• A color-filled under-the-sea scene complete with angelfish, anemones, sharks and even a blobfish!
• A pride of lions (including a lioness and cub!) ruling over the grassy savanna
• Your very own furry best friend at home, from retrievers and bulldogs to calicos or hermit crabs

Let your creativity run wild on every page with this encouraging, easy, all-in-one collection!

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