Organization and Inspiration for Your Creative Space

Looking for a way to keep your craft room organized and inspiring all at the same time? Let me introduce you to something amazing from my partners at CreateRoom: the DreamBox. (affiliate link) For me, it literally is a dream come true, a fabulous piece of furniture that not only holds my art and craft supplies, but also doubles as a workspace and photography/videography set.

A Storage Solution that Meets Your Needs

This piece of furniture is adaptable, folding up when it’s not in use, then opening to reveal your beautifully organized storage when you’re ready to create. In its closed position, the DreamBox looks like a pretty cabinet or armoire, extending less than three feet out into your space.

You can even customize your swing doors!

Then, when you’re ready to work, just open the doors and you’ll begin to see the magic happen! The center section has a fold-out table attached that’s just waiting to become your work surface.

With both doors fully opened, you have 9 feet of space to store whatever it is that you need! For me, that’s everything from glitter, washi tape, paint, and Mod Podge, to my lettering supplies and Cricut machines. For you, it may be other types of craft materials, homeschool supplies, or whatever you need to make your home office. The shelves and bins are 100% customizable. You decide where they go and what they hold. If you ever want to make any changes, just snap out the guides and move things around to create a new organizational system!

A Well-Lit Work Space

The DreamBox has a built-in LED Light to illuminate my work area. The bright white light makes it perfect for lettering, crafting, photographing projects, and filming videos.


My favorite add-on accessory is the Tool Cubby, which is ideal for storing markers horizontally.

I can’t tell you how much more productive I am now that I can easily find all of my supplies in one central location. I’m also much more motivated to clean up after each project, because I want the DreamBox to stay beautiful and neat.

Now it’s Your Turn!

So, where do you get this amazing DreamBox? Build your own here at the CreateRoom website. You can choose from different finish options (mine is the White Shaker), whether or not you want the crown, and how many bins you want to start with. The price of the DreamBox may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. This is an investment in your business and/or hobby. For me, it serves as storage, a workspace, AND a great backdrop for photos and videos.
  2. This is a major piece of furniture. A new bed, couch, or dining room set comes with a certain type of price tag and this is no different. At 9′ long and with this much storage capacity, the DreamBox falls into the category of big furniture purchase.
  3. It takes the place of multiple other pieces. When I redid my space, I was able to get rid of SEVEN other pieces of storage furniture: a two door cabinet, a bookshelf, a nine cube organizer, a four drawer stacking bin, a desk, and two three drawer stacking bins. The contents of ALL of those things are now in the DreamBox.
  4. There are financing options! Rather than paying the full price up front, you can finance your DreamBox for affordable monthly payments.
  5. Save $100 with the code AMYLATTACREATIONS.

Worried you don’t have the space? First of all, remember that the DreamBox folds up to be a cabinet when you’re not using it, so you can easily work it into any room in your home. Don’t have a 9 foot wall? You can still open it fully without it sitting in a straight line, just let it curve around you, creating your own little “office.”

Check out the website and complete the CreateRoom Journey to see how a DreamBox can fit into your creative and organizational goals. Be sure to use the code AMYLATTACREATIONS at checkout to save $100 on your purchase! 

More Organizational Furniture

Create Room Cubby

A smaller option for organizing your supplies

The Cubby can also help you keep your craft space tidy in lieu of (or in addition to!) the DreamBox. You can arrange different sizes of totes, as well as personalizing and labeling them to make the the furniture truly your own. Here’s a look at my Cubby, which I use to store wooden beads, lots of markers, silkscreens and stencils, and more. Save on your own Cubby with the code AMYCUBBY.

Learn more

Sew Station

Calling all sewists and quilters!

Create Room offers a fabulous Sew Station that not only holds your sewing machine, it also has an electronic lift system and two foldable table extensions to give you maximum space for creating.

It’s the perfect workspace for quilting, because I can cut and piece projects on the side tables, and I have plenty of extra space for bulky projects as I sew. The pull-out section keeps all my thread, as well as other notions right in arm’s reach, and three totes on the other side hold my favorite precut fabrics, including charm packs, layer cakes, and fat quarters (which are easy to organize with Create Room’s Mini Bolts).

Then, when I’m not sewing, it folds into a cute cabinet!

Save $50 on your own Sew Station with the code AMYLATTASEWS.

tour my sew station here

The DreamBox, Cubby, and Sew Station have transformed my craft studio. All of my supplies are organized and easy to find, and I have the perfect work spaces for my many creative hobbies. If you have questions about any of these furniture pieces, or want to chat about how they could make your crafting/sewing space better, just contact me and I’d be happy to chat.