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Turn your writing into art

This workbook walks you through the basics of faux calligraphy, introduces brush technique, and provides lots of other font and embellishment ideas. At the end of each chapter, you’ll be recreating a fun design on the provided pages to create beautiful hand lettered projects.


Hand Lettering for Relaxation presents 46 beautiful, whimsical, and fun hand lettering techniques based on motivational themes. Readers will love the opportunity to practice the creative art of hand lettering in a way that inspires them and helps them relax. As an example of what’s inside, Workshop 1 encourages readers to renew & recharge by writing, “It’s me time,” with the easiest technique for a scripted, calligraphy look. Workshop 2 builds on the theme as readers use their skills from Workshop 1 to write, “Practice makes progress,” and add a new skill of drawing laurels and wreaths that take their calligraphy to the next level. With each workshop, readers are inspired with a brief introduction reminding them to relax and cultivate joy, then learn step by step how to letter each word of an example lettered design and draw embellishments. With plenty of practice space and a page to draw their own final design, this interactive workbook meets readers’ every need. High-quality, thick art paper allows readers to utilize their favorite pens and markers, then cut out their finished hand lettered art if they wish. This book is the perfect gift for yourself or friends and family who love crafts, drawing and coloring.



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Reader Reviews

I cannot recommend this book enough!

It is a big, substantial book made with excellent paper and room for practice. I was amazed how easy it was to follow her instructions to make beautiful hand lettering and decorations without any experience. Absolutely beautiful and makes me feel like I can easily do anything she can do.

The book is GORGEOUS!

The tutorials are wonderful and easy to follow, and I LOVE the practice sheets. Having those incorporated into the book is a great perk, as I don’t have to go back and forth between a book and separate practice sheets. This book would make a really great gift as well! Can’t say enough about it… just wonderful!
Lisa Feltz

I LOVE this book.

If you are truly looking for a way decompress and also to learn a new skill – this is it. Amy Latta’s book not only offers a lot of different lettering looks, but she also teaches you how to draw banners, arrows,swirls, laurel wreaths, and just about anything else you need to feel like you are a super crafty person. I have always been frustrated by not being able to draw, but she really breaks things down intelligently to teach you how to do things in a way that makes sense (at least to my brain). It has been a joy to sit down every night and practice and feel like I have learned and mastered something because of her thoughtful instruction. I have looked at a number of other lettering books, and I felt that this one was SO superior in the way that steps are broken down and explained clearly.
E. Drennan

I’m thoroughly enjoying this handlettering book, much more than others I’ve used.

It combines life lessons, handlettering tutorials, and the freedom for my own creations while learning. Her book-teaching style is much like her in-person teaching style-very easy to understand, step by step instructions, that even a beginner can follow to create a beautiful work of art. I love that each lesson builds on the lessons before it and that there is just enough white space for practice. Since my book arrived, I’ve made a point to practice almost every night and I can already see a difference in my personal skill level. Thanks Amy for your encouragement for creativity. I can’t wait for the next one ;)!
Julie Tomlinson

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