Want to learn lettering with the help of some face-to-face instruction? One of my favorite things to do is lead both virtual and in-person workshops. I teach the basics of faux calligraphy and brush lettering, along with a few embellishments, then help participants create a project to take home.

Here are answers to some Workshop FAQ’s:

WHO: Anyone can host a workshop. Whether you own a business or just want to get together with a few girlfriends to learn, as long as you can gather a minimum of 10 people, we can party!

WHERE: Anywhere (Virtual workshops) Or, physical workshops in the Maryland area. Workshops can take place in your home or in any space you are able to legally procure, like your business, your church’s fellowship hall, your sister’s basement, or a room at the local library. You find the place, we’ll make it happen.

WHEN: Since I’m self-employed, my schedule is very flexible. We’ll plan a workshop that meets your needs. Usually folks prefer weeknights or weekends, but I am also available during the workday if that’s what works best for your group.

WHY: Because it’s fun! Obviously.

HOW MANY: I have led workshops for as many as 750 people, so number is no obstacle. If you can get the attendees, I can provide the instruction!

HOW MUCH: This will depend on whether your workshop is virtual or physical, as well as how many attendees there will be. We can chat about this and come up with a rate that works for everyone.

HOW: Contact me at amylattacreations{at}gmail.com to schedule your workshop today!