Macaroni and Marshmallows

First of all, I have to say I’m so excited!  Our local chapter of Macaroni Kid just featured this blog in their weekly newsletter.  Specifically, they used the Green Grocer idea in honor of Earth Day, which is coming up on April 22.  If you’ve never heard of Macaroni Kid, it’s a great organization that provides information about upcoming events and activities in your area as well as craft ideas, recipes, good deals, and other things of interest to families.  There’s a national organization as well as lots of local chapters to connect with.   Thanks to Taryn P. for sharing the Green Grocer idea with readers; hope you continue to enjoy the ramblings of One Artsy Mama.  P.S. If you want to see my five minutes of fame, click here.
Meanwhile, on to Marshmallows:
This past weekend, our local arts center featured its 4th annual marshmallow Peep Show.  To enter, you make a creation of any kind using Peeps (or bunnies or any of the JustBorn treats).  You don’t even have to use the actual treats, you can draw, paint, or sculpt them out of other things too.  The first year, the entries were funny, but not too spectacular, but as time goes on, the entries just get better and better.  I was totally blown away by some of the things on display this time around.  Here are a few of my favorites:
Su-peep-er Mario
“Des-peep-able Me” – I really do live under a rock b/c I thought it was Sponge Bob at first.  What’s Despicable Me?
Speaking of Sponge Bob…

Justin “Peep”-er…

We Marylanders love our Ravens…Todd Heap, or rather “Peep,” happens to be Noah’s favorite player.  He could say “Heap” before he said “Mama.”  No fair.
I was an English major, so this one, the “Peep-ture of Dorian Gray” had me cracking up.  I had to read this book for my Senior Seminar.  Not my favorite, but I do enjoy the marshmallow interpretation…
“Peepy Night”
Not a bad attempt at all, compared to the original and considering that it’s composed entirely of Peeps.  In fact, I’m quite impressed!
“Stink Peeps”: I don’t know about where you live, but those rotten stink bugs are everywhere around here.  I thought this was pretty clever, all things considered.
And here’s Noah’s favorite: “Peep Peep!  It’s Thomas!”
He’s entirely edible except for the googly eyes.  What isn’t a peep is marshmallows, licorice, or other candy.  Impressive.


Here’s my favorite little peep of all…
Although I’ve entered three wreaths in the Arts Center’s annual Festival of Wreaths, I have yet to do an entry for the Peep Show.  Maybe next year, I’ll give it a try.  Maybe I’ll even have Noah help.  Any ideas for something really peep-tastic?

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  1. Haha! I can totally relate about Despicable Me. I bought my daughter a book ‘Sleepy Kittens’ which says “as seen on Despicable Me” on the cover and I had no idea what that means. I did eventually see the movie though. Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog! I would love to see your adorable son’s version of the bee if you guys decide to try it 🙂

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