Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

As Father’s Day approaches, I thought I’d share a few more gift ideas with you that can be put together pretty quickly with the help of your own Little Crafters.
*Disclaimer: If for some reason LC’s grandfathers or daddy happen to be reading this post, STOP NOW!
Ok, here goes:
First, LC made this FOAM PHOTO FRAME for his Pop-Pop.
Materials: Foam frame {comes in a 2 pack at Target}
Foam adhesives
Just let your Little Crafter decorate to his or her heart’s content and then insert a cute photo. 🙂
Little Crafter’s Poppy is a Phys Ed teacher, so we thought this basketball would be the perfect thing for him to put on his desk or wall at work.
Materials: wood shape of your choice
 Crayola washable kids’ paint or other acrylic paint
Mod podge
Just paint, then seal with a coat of Mod Podge when the paint is dry.
Heads up: Michaels stores around the country are doing this FREE craft today!  Run!  Go now!  I think you’re only supposed to make one per kid, but LC was the first child there this morning and after he’d made Daddy’s he said, “peease may I make one for my Pop-Pop and one more for my Poppy” so adorably that they couldn’t refuse.
If you don’t make it there in time, they sell these keychains in a 3 pack.  Which of course we had to have because Mama wants one too.
 Materials: decorative scrapbook paper
special plastic keychain
ink pad
colored pencils, crayons, or markers
Cut your scrapbook paper {or use a circle punch} to fit in the keychain.  Michaels did this part for us…hooray!  Decorate the white side.  Use fingerprints to make a heart, little “people,” balls, animals, or whatever you want and add decorations with colored pencils.  Insert into keychain.  One side will be your artwork; the other side will be the decorative paper.  You could also use white paper and decorate both sides, or put a photo on one side and artwork on the other.
This is the gift I made for my dad to go along with LC’s presents.  I got a 4×6 album at Target that says “I’m Pretty Sure You’re One of My Favorite People” on the front.  Then, I printed out photos of us together, some of him with Noah, and some of our whole family.  On each 2 page spread, I placed one photo, then lyrics to the song we danced to at my wedding.  I think it will mean a lot to him.

 If you’re looking for more ideas, check out the Photo Enhancement and Hand & Footprint Canvas we made earlier in the week for hubby.  I’d love to see/hear about your crafty ideas for the special men in your life this weekend!

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