Birds Nests and Baby Showers

Whew!  My friend Jess’ baby shower was such fun yesterday!  Everything went according to plan, and she was totally surprised, just like we hoped she’d be.  And the best part is that now I can finally talk about it!  I didn’t get a ton of photos because our friend {also named Jess} who is an a-mazing photographer was on the job, but until I get those, here’s a little taste of some of the things we put together.
Since Jess and Matt decided not to find out the baby’s gender ahead of time, we had to find a neutral theme.  We came up with the idea of birds/bird nests/flowers and went with a blue and green color scheme, in part because Jess’ favorite color is blue.  Here are some of our special touches:
Diaper Cake: My mom and I made this out of size 1 Pampers, a few rubber bands, some ribbon, flowers, and hot glue.  I made the little stuffed owl on top.  Noah has one just like it that he calls “Owlbert.”
Prizes: We played four different games, and the prizes were my handcrafted bird nest pendants.  I made a variety of them with different colored “eggs” and hung them on this tree branch.  Winners got to choose their favorite one and wear it home.
Food: I made these bird nest cupcakes using toasted coconut and Jelly Belly jelly beans.
I was also pretty proud of my pretty fruit display…
Favors: We sent guests home with two different favors.  I made these little birdie magnets.  In August, I’ll be sharing how you can make your own during Craft Share 2011 at Sew Can Do
I’m hoping Jess got a better photo of them than I did.
And the wonderfully talented “Tall Jess” {the photographer, not the mama-to-be} made the cutest little favors; they’re seeds in a tiny pot with silk flowers and a poem.
She also made this gorgeous centerpiece using silk flowers and rolled up baby items like onesies, socks, and washcloths.
We also had a lot of great food and some other cute touches like advice cards that I didn’t get a great photo of…so stay tuned for more when I get the good pictures!  Congratulations again to Jess and Matt and many, many, many thanks to Mom, “Tall Jess”, and April for all that you did to help make the shower so special.
Meanwhile, the leftover cupcakes are calling my name…..

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  1. you’re such a talented lady! i’ve always wanted to make a diaper cake! the bird nest necklaces are so cute. after our next baby (TTF) i totally want to make one with the kids’ colors (we color-code their items) as the eggs.

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