The Sound of Summer

Friends, you know that when I love something, I mean really love something, I pretty much can’t stop talking about it.  Like Starbucks and Silhouette Cameos.  And I’ve recently added something else to my list. Tailor & Stylist.  It takes a lot to get on my short list, but they’ve done it!  So far, I’ve gotten three of their dresses, and I absolutely love them.  First, I got the High-Low Maxi, which I had fun styling five different ways.  Then, I got the Sweet Serendipity, which had a fabulous 50’s retro chic flair.  My most recent aquisition is this Sound of Summer dress, and it has a totally different feel!

This dress has a comfortable, outdoorsy vibe that’s perfect for warm days at beach, a picnic, or a just a stroll through a garden.  The ruched bodice and gathered cap sleeves have a great vintage feel too…on the website, it says, “Can’t you see Maria wearing this if only Sound of Music were set in the summer  of 2013?” I totally can, what about you?  Of course, that got me thinking about the movie {one of my personal faves} and led me to the perfect spot for a photo session.  Maria loved the hills and felt more alive there; I have a special “hill” in my life too, my alma mater.  I attended McDaniel College {then called Western Maryland College} from 1998-2002.  It’s nicknamed The Hill because of it’s elevation compared to the rest of the city.
And believe it or not, it has a few special locations on campus that were perfect for playing around and recreating classic moments from Sound of Music, like the “Carpe Diem” gazebo!  Think Liesel and Rolf…
Of course, a huge part of the story is Maria’s conflict between her vows as a nun and her desire to become part of the VonTrapp family, which made me think of my favorite spots on campus; a gorgeous little chapel that has beautiful stained glass windows and a really cool organ.

Naturally, the photo session wouldn’t be complete without channeling Maria’s famous cover pose…

This dress was seriously effortless to style.  The colors and stripes in the skirt made it interesting all on its own; all I did was add a matching chunky necklace and a brown skinny belt.  My earrings, if you can see them, are just pearl studs. For shoes, I went with some woven wedge sandals, partly because I’m short, and partly because they matched the casual outdoorsy vibe of the dress.

Here’s a view from the back…

So now that I’ve had my movie-lover and fashion fun, it’s time for the honestly game.

Honestly it was as hot as heck the day of this photo session, but the dress kept me as cool and comfortable as I think I could have possibly been in that weather.
Honestly I sat on a lot of dirty things during the pictures, like rocks, stone benches, brick walls, and the like, and the dress stayed as fresh looking as it was when I took it out of the package.
Honestly I like the way it covers up my mommy pooch and makes me look thinner than I actually am.
Honestly I love that the gathers and ruching at the top make me look, *ahem* bustier than I actually am.
Honestly I did wear a white tankini underneath because I the top was just a teensy bit see-through and I wanted to be totally comfortable in public. {You can see my tankini strap peeking out in the photo below…oopsie!}
Honestly I was afraid the cap sleeves would fall down.  BUT they didn’t!  And they are comfy too.
Honestly, this dress is a steal…it costs {are you ready for this} $29.99!!!

Seriously.  Where can you get a dress this great for less than $30?  That’s the same price or cheaper than most of the dresses at Target right now.  In fact, almost every dress at Tailor & Stylist is $50 or less.  {See why I love them, friends?!}

And… can get 10% off sitewide if you use this code: artsymama10.

Yup, that means you can get this very dress for $27.  We can be twinsies!  In fact, if you get yourself something fun from T&S, send me a pic so I can share it!  Ok…I think I’m done now, but I just love me some good affordable fashion, don’t you?!

What’s your favorite summer style?

Hugs & Glitter,

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  1. I am loving their dresses! I will definitely need to check them out. Would you say their sizing is pretty accurate? Like if you normally wear a certain sized dress, you can get that size from them?

  2. Okay – YES to the recreation of Liesl and Rolf in the gazebo! This is my favourite scene in the film: “I am sixteen…”

    The dress is adorable. I love skirts that are a bit flowy.

  3. Ha ha! I loved the Sound of Music photo shoot. Way to have fun with this! And your honestly list has me convinced that I, too, would love to rock a dress from Taylor and Stylist! (Super cute dress color, too.)

    Happy Fourth!
    The Thinking Closet

  4. I liked you before, but now that I know we share a love of Sound of Music, I think I love you! 🙂 Super super cute dress!

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