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Thanks to Minted for sponsoring today’s post; all opinions are honestly my own.

One of my favorite holiday traditions is sending and receiving Christmas cards! Over the past several years, I feel like people in general are sending less cards, which is just no fun. I know we see each other’s photos and stay in touch more nowadays because of social media, but I still like the excitement of getting physical cards and then displaying them as part of my holiday decor.

Today, I want to share with you a simple, gorgeous way to display your cards that can be customized to fit in perfectly with all four of this year’s major holiday trends: Rainbow/Colorful, Farmhouse, Winter Wonderland, and Metallic Glam! I’m also excited to show you a sneak peek of our family’s cards for 2018. I love them, and I think you will too.

First, let’s talk briefly about the trends! Rainbow/Colorful is exactly what it sounds like, decorations in vibrant shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple all mixed together for a bright, whimsical look. Farmhouse embraces a rustic, homey look; think buffalo plaid and Joanna Gaines. Winter Wonderland is a combination of blues, whites, and all things snowy, while my personal favorite, Metallic Glam, is all about the sparkle and shine. My card display is designed with the Metallic Glam style in mind, but I’ll also be sharing how you can make minor tweaks to fit it into any of the 2018 trends. Let’s get started!


a mirror {I found mine at Goodwill for $6!}

twine {mine has gold threads in it}


washi tape {I used glitter gold and silver}

miniature clothespins

natural or artificial greenery and clippers

holiday cards

I left my mirror as-is, because it had a pretty gold frame. However, to fit with a different style, you could easily make a few changes.

Rainbow: Paint the frame in your favorite bright color.
Farmhouse: Use neutral colored chalk paint on the frame, then add some distressing. You may even want to paint over the mirror with black to give it a chalkboard look instead.
Winter Wonderland: Paint the frame blue.

Step 1: Adhere a piece of twine to the mirror with washi tape in a zig-zag pattern. 

You may also want to use adhesive dots or double stick tape under the washi tape to create a more secure hold. I chose twine with metallic gold threads and gold glittered washi tape, but here are some ideas for the other trends.

Rainbow: Multi-colored washi tape and bright twine
Farmhouse: Plaid patterned washi tape and original/rustic twine
Winter Wonderland: Blue glitter tape and white string, or the opposite

Step 2: Adhere washi tape to one side of each mini clothespin and trim the excess.

I used a sparkly silver, but you can easily substitute a bright color, a plaid, a neutral, or whatever else fits your decorating theme.

Step 3: Use clothespins to attach cards to the twine.

Step 4: Attach fresh or artificial greens in between the cards.

Special thanks to my neighbors Shelby and Steve for letting me attack the tree in their backyard for the sake of crafting.

That’s all there is to it! Your display is ready to hang on the wall where you and your guests can enjoy it all season long.

I love how festive and glam this looks, and I feel like the greenery really adds a great effect, don’t you?

Now that you know how to display your cards, I want to give you a closer look at the Latta family’s 2018 Holiday Cards from Minted!

There are hundreds of Minted Holiday Card designs to choose from, including some that fit right in with each of those trends we’ve been talking about! You can filter your search based on the kind of design you’re looking for; for example, I searched the “Religious Christmas” category, as well as how many photos you want to feature. I had this fantastic picture of the boys in front of my craft room tree, so I decided to go with a vertical design called “All Chalked Up” that really showed off the photo and had a simple message on the front. Then, on the back, I chose a 3-photo layout with a space for text so that I could share a brief update about our family.

If you have trouble choosing a design, Minted also offers a great service where you can simply text your photo and get free personalized card styling! Just text a picture to 415-301-CARD (2273), and a Minted stylist will send back 5 card designs specifically chosen to look great with it. Then, you can pick your favorite one.

I chose to get white envelopes with a pretty gold foil lining. Did you know Minted will even address your envelopes for you? There are tons of envelope options, and you can get them totally customized to coordinate with your card design.

I love the way our cards turned out this year and I can’t wait to share them with family and friends. I hope you will consider sending Christmas cards too. Even though it’s an extra thing on the holiday “to do” list, there’s something so special and festive about it. I’d love to hear about your family’s cards and to see how you like to put them on display too. Stop by the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook group to share your ideas and we can all get inspired together!

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DIY Christmas Card Display

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