Snowball Garland

Looking for a cheap, easy way to add a little more festive decor before the holidays?
I’ve got a great idea for you…and since it’s not Christmas-specific, you can leave it up all winter long!
Let me start by saying this is totally not my original idea, I 100% stole it from my friend Brandee who blogs over at Project Tuesday.  Little Crafter and I saw it when we were at her house a few weeks back for a playdate, and we mutually agreed that we needed to make our own!
Here’s how to make your own fun garland!
– white pom poms in a variety of sizes
– white thread
– sewing needle
 All you have to do is thread the pom-poms onto the string, trying to alternate sizes somewhat randomly.
{It’s sooo hard for me to be random; I like things symmetrical, and even Little Crafter tends to like patterns for things}.
Be sure to supervise littles when they’re using the needle.  Normally, I held the needle and helped him push each pom pom on, then he slid it down the thread.
Easy peasy, right?!
Meanwhile, I just have to tell you that I’m in love.  With a flash.  For my birthday, mom and dad got me an SB-700 Speedlight to go on my Nikon, and WOW!  I couldn’t resist sharing a few pics of my cutie pie that I took with my new toy…
He loooves the train under the tree!  Choo Choo!  All aboard the Polar Express!
Hey, that’s mine!
Watch out, ladies!  I keep telling Little Crafter he looks like he belongs on a magazine cover with this new scarf of his from Old Navy!  They’re on sale this week for $2!!
What do you think?  I love the photo quality!  Well, off to write up a few more posts and then check out the great things you all are linking up at Shine On Fridays!
Hope all is merry and bright!

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I linked up at your party… thanks for the invite! The snowball garland looks great, and like a lot of fun to do with your son. He is so cute!

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