Flat Me: Some Summer Fun

Hey there, friends!  Mind if I stop to catch my breath for a sec?
This spring has been a whirlwind around here…we’re constantly busy, and on the blog things are no different.  As exciting as it’s been, One Crafty Contest has taken up a lot of my time and energy, so if you feel like I haven’t responded to your comments, visited your blogs, or linked up at your parties lately, you’re probably right!  I realized the other day that it’s been ages since I posted anything about what Little Crafter has been doing lately. 
First of all, he is absolutely obsessed with mini-golf and soccer these days.  If the sun is shining, we’re outside doing one of those two things.
He’s getting to be quite the kicker!  I’m totally bummed because I wanted to sign him up for fall soccer through our Rec Council, but the cutoff is that they have to be 4 by July 31…he misses it by 11 days.  No fair!
And lest you think he’s been sitting around being un-artsy, here’s a peek at something we’re really excited about!
My buddy Andie Jaye over at Crayon Freckles contacted me a few weeks ago about participating in something called the “Flat Me” project.  It’s similar to Flat Stanley, if you’re familiar with that {I wasn’t} but the kids make the character to represent themselves instead.  Here’s how it works.
Each child decorates his/her own “Flat Me” using a template Andie sent us.
We mail it, along with a travel journal, to the next person in our group of six.  Each person in the group will take a turn hosting each of the others, if that makes sense.  When you receive someone else’s “flat me,” you take a photo of it at a local point of interest…like maybe our library, the local orchard where we pick strawberries, LC’s favorite playground, etc. and email it to them. 
You also record in the journal where you took “Flat Me”, then send it on so it makes its way through the group to each “host”.  At the end of the summer, Little Crafter will get his “Flat Me” back, along with a completed travel journal for it and all the digital pictures taken of it along the way in all kinds of cool places.  He can hardly wait!

That is, if I can get him to part with it…
He insisted that it wear a Ravens jersey {with Boldin’s number} and his green froggy boots.  Then we had this conversation.
LC: “I want to have long sleeves.”
Me: “Jerseys don’t have long sleeves.”
LC: “But I want them.  I like them and I think they will look good.”
Me: “Ok, that’s fine.  It’s your project, buddy.”
LC: “I need to color my hands.”
Me: “Here’s a good skin color.”
LC: “No, I don’t like that.  I want something dark.”
Me: “But you’re not dark.  It’s supposed to look like you.”
LC: “I want green.”
Me: “Green hands?  You don’t have green skin!”
LC: “But I want to have green hands.  It’s my project, Mommy.”
How do you argue with that?  And so, we have a green-handed Flat LC.  Ah, the life of an artsy mama.

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    I do teacher training workshops. I am writing to ask permission to use the photo of your Flat Stanley in a Power Point Presentation. I will credit your site and provide your URL.
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    I look forward to hearing from you.

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