Fun in the Sun: Michelle & Julie

Hey there, Amy’s friends and followers!
We are Michelle & Julie from Sister SEE Sister DO!!
This is our FIRST time guest posting and we are absolutely THRILLED about it!!
We have both been following One Artsy Mama for quite a while so this is such a BIG DEAL for us! I think we all can agree that Amy has one FUN & INSPIRING place here on the web -so we MUST say, “THANK YOU, AMY!!” 
You are awesome!!!
Today we want to share a very simple idea. 
It might make your summer a little easier & a lot more fun!
It’s a BOTTLE OF SUMMER to go!!
Michelle is a working mom of two sweet little girls (11 & 7) & Julie is a stay at home mommy of three little monkeys…aka BOYS (5, 3 & 2)!! We both load our summers with one adventure after the next. If you are like us and are always on the go, you will LOVE this idea! It’s GREAT for trips to the pool, the zoo, the park, the airport…Wherever there’s a drinking fountain & wherever your children will be wanting a simple snack.
What we did was took reusable water bottles & stuffed them with whatever we wanted our kids to have at the pool that day. We really like the apple sauce squeezies (no spoon required), peanut butter crackers, granola bars, laffy taffy, fun dip! You get the idea. We also stuck in some water-flavoring singles (like Kool Aide) to get them drinkin’.
Needless to say, our kids think it’s GREAT!!
They have a snack to keep their bellies happy 
& they fill their water bottles up to stay hydrated.
That’s it!! 
Simple and fun…because that’s how we roll!!!
Thank you for letting us share with you today! 
We hope you’ll visit us sometime at Sister See Sister Do & see what we’ve been up to lately! We’re often posting our favorite recipes, furniture makeovers, fashion upcycling, and a big variety of crafts.
This week we’re featuring our favorite at home ideas for keeping our kids BUSY.
We LOVE making new friends and seeing the projects/ideas of others! So if you drop by, please let us know where we can check YOU out too!! 
Love & Hugs, The Sisters

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