Babar’s World Tour

Want to hear about my absolute favorite activity we did while in Myrtle Beach?
Every year we visit the Burroughs-Chapin Art Museum, which rotates all kinds of interesting exhibits.  We’ve seen paintings by Audubon, a handmade quilt exhibit, and even one where Tibetian monks were there making mandala sand art.  This year, though, the exhibit was the best I’ve ever seen and it was perfect for Little Crafter.
The BABAR’S WORLD TOUR exhibit features art from the children’s book as well as hands on opportunities to explore the contries Babar visited.  We were greeted by this sign and a special paper crown.
When I saw how they had recreated the airplane from the book, I knew we were in for something special.
First, we visited Spain, where you could dress up, play instruments, and watch a how-to video about flamenco dancing that ran on a four minute loop.
Next, we visited my favorite stop, Italy.  First, we got to build the colosseum, which was a fun family project.


Then, Noah took me for a gondola ride.
Finally, he cooked for us in a little Italian restaurant.
After that, we stopped in Egypt to dig for artifacts…
…and in Cambodia where we got to look just like Babar.
Then it was time to take off our shoes, put on some kimonos, and eat on the floor using chopsticks in Japan…which just made me hungry because it reminded me of Sakura.
Next, we stopped in Paris for a fashion show.  Doesn’t Little Crafter look dapper?  And, hey, every girl secretly loves to play dress up even if she is the big 3-0.
Our last stop was a post office where kids could fill out post cards and place them in a mailbox for the museum staff to mail out the next day.  I was beyond impressed with everything.  The exhibit runs through September 4th, so if you’re going to be anywhere near Myrtle Beach, SC between now and then, GO!  You will LOVE it, I promise!  Kudos to you, Burroughs-Chapin Art Museum, and thanks for such a fun day for our whole family!

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