Spring Fashion: Laguna Verde Ruffled Dress from Ruche

If you’re a part of the One Artsy Mama community on Facebook {and I truly hope you are; we have lots of fun!}, you probably remember that last week I asked for your opinions on these four dresses.  All four come from Ruche, who generously agreed to provide me with an outfit for Lucky FABB L.A., and I was trying to choose which one!  While every dress got at least some votes, the vast majority of you chose either B or C.  I was really torn between the two; I love them both, so I let Ruche do the deciding for me.


I opened the mailbox yesterday and found…Dress B!  Aka, the Laguna Verde Ruffled Dress.  In retrospect, perhaps I should have ironed it before taking these photos, but hey, I was anxious to try it on and show it to you.  So, here it is…


What do you think?  The fabric is nice and soft, the fit is perfect, and it’s really a comfortable style.  I actually don’t think I own anything else in this color, so it was stepping out a bit for me, but I really like the way the green works with my hair, eyes, and complexion. 


I also like that the spaghetti straps are adjustable.  I’m definitely a short mama, so sometimes I have to deal with what my mom calls the “one inch theory”…the idea that I need just one more inch of torso to make some things look right on me.  If these straps weren’t adjustable, that would have been the case; the neckline would have been much too low for my comfort, and the straps would have kept slipping off my shoulders.  But, fortunately, I was able to adjust them to just the right spot to fit my body.


Now, as you know, we always {I mean ALWAYS} play the honestly game around here, so there’s one other thing I feel compelled to tell you.  I did not realize when I was looking at this dress on the website that while the skirt is lined the top is not.  To be fair, it does clearly state in the description that it’s “partially lined.” I just didn’t realize that translated to, “I can see through the top.”  The fabric doesn’t look at all sheer in the online photo, but when I tried it on, it was immediately apparent that I couldn’t wear it in public as is.  At first I panicked.  Then I went to the closet, pulled out a black cami and put it on underneath.  Problem solved.


So, what do you think?!  Good choice?  I am especially loving it with the hat and sandals.  And no, it wasn’t that warm here, I was freezing my tushie off to get these pics for you.  Ah, the ever challenging life of a blogger…  Meanwhile, I think I may still need to order Dress C…Little Crafter says he thinks I’ll look like Queen Elsa in that one.  How do you say no to that?



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  1. VERY PRETTY!!! Love the hat and shoes with the dress and also think that the cami was a great idea to add some “lining” 😉

    I agree with LC though…You also need dress C! 🙂

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