Spring Vase with Glitter Duck Tape

Friends, I don’t know about you, but I am more than ready for it to feel like Spring!  Even though none of my flowers are blooming outside, I thought I could make it cheerful inside the house with a pretty little springtime bud vase.  You know me; I love projects that are quick, cheap, and easy, and this was all three.  It took me about two minutes, cost very little, and was so easy Little Crafter could have done it if he were home.  Take a look.

Glitter Duck Tape Vase

{My Duck Tape was provided by my friends at Duck Brand, but all opinions are my own}.

Glitter Duck Tape {I used silver, but it’s also available in pink, aqua, and red}
– Glass bud vase: I bought mine at Goodwill for 49 cents.
– Faux flower stem: Mine is from IKEA
– Large Malted Eggs Easter candy



Ok, are you ready for this extremely complicated tutorial?  Here goes.  Start at the bottom of your vase.  Wrap a piece of Glitter Duck Tape all the way around it.
Then, skip as much or as little space as you want and do the same thing again to create a second horizontal stripe.  That’s all you have to do!  I’m telling you, friends, it literally doesn’t get any easier than this!


Glitter Duck Tape Vase
Instead of using a typical vase filler, I used some large candy eggs I had because I thought it added an extra Spring-y feel.  You could use whatever kind of filler you like best, and whatever flowers you like too.  Mine is an orchid from my trip to IKEA.  I have to use faux flowers since I’m allergic, but if there are tulips or daffodils in your neck of the woods that are actually blooming, use those instead!

Glitter Duck Tape Vase

Duck Tape introduced several fun new kinds of crafting tapes this year, including the Fabric Tape I used for my Coffee Cozy, but I think the Glitter Tape is my favorite.  It’s easy to work with, it’s sparkly, and…here’s the best part…the glitter doesn’t come off!  I promise!  So those of you who hate glitter because it’s messy can use this too and it won’t get sparkles all over your house!

Glitter Duck Tape Vase


I love the way my vase turned out, and I especially love that I was able to add a Spring touch to my decor in less than two minutes.  What do you think?

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