Spoiled by the Honda Odyssey

Huge thanks to our friends at Honda for sponsoring our CA trip and this post!

You all know that it was hard for the Artsy Family to leave the gorgeous SoCal weather and come back to Maryland after my adventure at CHA.  But it was also hard to leave behind the Honda Odyssey we got to drive around while we were there!

Honda Odyssey

Back in September, when I attended BloggyCon, Honda was one of the sponsors.  You probably remember that they gave us cute little bears to photograph, which is how Odysseus joined our family!  They also had a new Odyssey there for us to look at {and play with the vacuum} and the representative mentioned that from time to time they were able to loan out cars to bloggers for special events.  As soon as I confirmed my trip to CHA, I knew we’d need a rental car, so I contacted Honda and told them our situation.  They were generous enough to provide us with this gorgeous Odyssey to drive around Anaheim for the weekend, and let me tell you, we got spoiled by it!

Honda Odyssey

First of all, unlike the car we normally drive, it had a built in GPS right in the dashboard.  It could show you where you were on the map, give you directions to a particular address, or find a point of interest for you…and you could do it all with voice commands!  We used it to find the hotel and convention center from the airport and to help guide us to and from Legoland.  Hubby and LC also made use of it as they looked for a beach to visit and tried to locate a nearby Panera {LC’s favorite restaurant!} where they could grab dinner one night while I was at the show.


Honda Odyssey

It also had a backup camera, which was totally cool, and it automatically switched from GPS to camera view anytime you put the vehicle in reverse.  There were sensors to let you know if you were getting close to something on the sides, as well, and while driving on the highway, it would beep to let you know if someone happened to be in your blind spot.  The mirrors were curved in such a way that they pretty much eliminated your blind spot anyway, but the sensors were a nice extra feature just in case.

Honda Odyssey

Odysseus and I thought the seats were quite comfortable, and once as we were driving around, I noticed that mine was starting to feel rather warm.  Come to find out, heated seats were another awesome feature and hubby wanted to “play with it” even though there was absolutely no need for a heated bottom in southern California!  The weather was gorgeous!  I sure wish I could’ve brought those heated seats back here to MD with me, though!


Honda Odyssey

There was more than enough room in the back for all our luggage {even the huge monster of a suitcase I put all my fun CHA goodies in!}, and we all agreed that it was a very smooth and comfortable ride.  The only downside is that now we’re spoiled!  I miss all those great features…especially the heated seats…
Thanks so much to Honda for giving us such a great ride around town!

Hugs & Glitter,


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  1. Wow, the Honda Odyssey looks like an amazing mini-van! I definitely need to check this model out when it’s time to purchase/lease our next vehicle!

  2. Sounds like an amazing experience! Yes, I’ve had heated seats before in my parents’ cars, and it’s always such a treat! Also, love the added safety feature of the backup camera. Definitely hoping for that in our next car…and the Honda Odyssey sounds like a big contender! Thanks for sharing, Amy.

  3. My dream car! I want this minivan sooo bad. One thing you probably didn’t notice is that the Odyssey is the ONLY minivan with the LATCH system in 5 spots! This is a must for families with more than 3+ kids who are still in 5 point harness car seats (like our family). Also, it’s the only minivan with easy access to the 3rd row. I don’t even want to talk about how we have to climb over “mountains” to get to the 3rd row in our current minivan 😐 Looks like you guys had a great time and enjoyed your car! Yay!

  4. I know I’m a total dork, but the Honda Odyssey with the vacuum cleaner is my dream ride. I have the car booklet, but I think I may have another year or two before my current minivan gives out! I would have loved to get to test drive one for a few days.

  5. Hey! You stole my ride;) We own a Honda Odyssey!! I was so against getting a “mom van” but after I took my first ride I was sold. I couldn’t trade those sweet sliding doors for anything right now, especially when Ry was a baby. Lifesaver. The car was built for a mom in mind, chill box, cup holders, trash bag thingy. I love my Odyssey. 🙂

  6. I am on my second Odyssey right now, and I sat here nodding my head with everything that you said! I LOOOOOOVE my heated seats, and my kids fight over who gets to sit in the front so they can use the seat warmer (especially this time of year with all the cold!). Aside from all the incredible features that you mentioned, one of the main incredible things about it is that it is a HONDA! I bought my current one used and it had 108,000 miles on it when I got it. Any other make, I would not even have bothered to look at, I know Honda’s last forever. I just hit 180,000 miles and it still drives like new and I haven’t had to have any work done on it other than normal maintenance. I sure could use the new one with the vacuum though… think Honda wants to donate one to me? 🙂

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