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Thanks to Shutterfly for sponsoring today’s post {and our family’s Christmas}. All opinions are honestly my own.

Friends, we are moving full speed ahead toward my favorite holiday, Christmas! In just 24 days, we’ll be celebrating, which means it’s time to get those presents bought, wrapped, and under the tree {unless you’re like me and you have a cat who would just try to eat them}. I get majorly stressed out by the crowds in stores this time of year, so I prefer to do the majority of my shopping online. With the huge variety of gift options at Shutterfly, I can choose the perfect present for everyone on my list, make it super-personal, and have it show up at my door! What could be better? I’m a sucker for things that are meaningful, so photo gifts and other things that are monogrammed, engraved, etc. are exactly the kind of things I love to give. Let me give you a quick rundown of some of the great choices Shutterfly offers for every type of person on your list!

*If you are related to me by blood or marriage, dating my brother-in-law, or happen to live next door, DO NOT READ THIS POST. If you do, you’re not going to be surprised, and you’ll be a Christmas fun-sucker. Everyone else, you may proceed.*

For the Techie: iPad Cases

Shutterfly Photo iPad Case

If you’re like me, many of the people on your list probably own and love an iPad, a smart phone, or both.  What better gift for a tech-lover than a protective case for their device that’s totally personal? Choose from cases for the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and iPad, as well as portable chargers with changeable faceplates. My father-in-law is a big-time iPad user, and two years ago, I ordered him a Shutterfly photo case for it. It’s still in great shape, but since then, there’s been an addition to the family…my niece! So, I decided to order him the Gallery Monogram iPad Case featuring photos we took of various groups of family members last month when we all got together at my in-laws’ house.

For the Chef: Cutting Boards

Shutterfly Engraved Cutting Board

You all know I’m no chef, but I’m related to quite a few of them! Both of my brothers-in-law are executive chefs {one at the Embers in Ocean City, MD, and one at Roundhouse in NY}, and my sister-in-law is a pastry chef! So, I was really excited to see the new line of statement gifts at Shutterfly this year that includes cutting boards, cheese boards, and more. I ordered one for each of hubby’s brothers, engraved with their names and titles. I’m pretty sure I’m going to win the “favorite sister-in-law” award for these!

For the One Who’s Always Cold: Fleece Photo Blankets

Shutterfly Photo Fleece Blankets

Winter is the perfect time for snuggling up and being cozy, right? Is there someone on your list who’s always chilly or who has a soft spot for fuzzy blankets? Why not order them one that’s as personal as it is comfy? Shutterfly offers two sizes: 50″ x 60″ and 60″ x 80,” and you can choose between Fleece, Plush Fleece, and Sherpa. {I chose plush.} There are lots of different designs you can customize…this one is the Pictogram Blanket and I know my grandmother is going to love curling up with it on cold evenings.

Shutterfly Fleece Blanket

She’s my dad’s mom, so I made sure to include pictures of my dad and mom, as well as hubby, Little Crafter, and myself. The photos were from all different times and places, so I made them black and white in the Shutterfly photo editor so they’d look cohesive. In the text box, instead of a monogram, I wrote, “We love you, Mom-Mom.” With this design, as well as many of the others, you can totally customize your colors, so I chose a light blue background, and a grey for around our pictures. I am so pleased with how it turned out and how soft it is too!  Now I want one for myself…

For the One With an Office: Desk Calendars

Shutterfly Desk Calendar

Everyone needs a calendar, and this one is a perfect fit for anyone with a desk or shelf. Whether it’s in a busy office, a classroom, or a home office, your friends and family will be sure to have a spot for this gift. You can choose from a variety of backgrounds and themes; I went with Crafted Seasons. Each month has its own page, complete with a small calendar and whatever photo{s} you choose. Doesn’t my niece look like a cutie pie in this one?

For the Proud Grandparent: Wall Calendars

Wall Calendar from Shutterfly

About ten years ago, I made my first Shutterfly wall calendars. I created one for myself, one for my mother-in-law, and one for my dad. They were such a hit that now they’re just expected as Christmas gifts! I think I’d have a revolt on my hands if I didn’t have them under the tree. The one pictured above is this year’s edition for my mother-in-law, and it was made with the new Words to Live By theme. There are lots of themes available, just choose your favorite and add your photos. I like the 12 x 12″ size, but there is also a smaller version if you prefer. These calendars are a great way to share some of the best photos from the previous year with proud grandparents, trust me!

For the Glam Girl: Canvas Pouches

Shutterfly Canvas Pouches

Chances are, you have some ladies on your list who you want to buy for but don’t know incredibly well. One gift idea is a personalize canvas pouch. These are available in two sizes, and you can choose from stripes or a two-tone design like the ones I picked. I loved the gold accents, but you can also use red or navy instead. Once you choose the size and colors of the pouch, you get to decide how to personalize it. The one on the left is the Circle Frame style for my brother-in-law’s girlfriend Kelly, and the one on the right is the Big Initial style for my sister-in-law. I was really impressed with the quality of the pouches in person, and they’d be perfect for holding just about anything, including makeup, markers, a wallet, snacks, or your phone.

For the Pet Lover: Personalized Bracelets

Shutterfly Photo Jewelry

Unfortunately, I don’t get to see my brother-in-law and his girlfriend very often, but one thing I do know about Kelly is that she absolutely loves her dog, Roxanne. So, I snagged a photo from Kelly’s Facebook page and used it to create this Silver Heather Bracelet with Roxanne on the charm! I really liked the thickness of the chain and the toggle clasp, and I know Kelly is going to flip out when she sees the picture. This is a great gift for any pet lover…I confess, I’d totally wear one with sweet Flynn’s photo on it. Yep, crazy cat lady right here!

For the Artsy One: Easel Calendars


In addition to the wall calendars and standard desk calendars, Shutterfly has a brand new easel calendar style! Each month has its own page, and the pages are displayed in a special little wooden stand. I am crazy about the Watercolor Ombre Easel Calendar design; it’s simply gorgeous and sure to be a hit with anyone who loves art! I had this one printed on Pearl Shimmer Cardstock rather than just the standard cardstock and I’m so glad I did. The pages have a beautiful hint of a sheen that makes them even prettier than they already were.

For the Coffee Lover: Coasters

Shutterfly Coffee Coasters

Because, coffee. Everyone needs coasters, so why not create some personalized ones? Of course you can upload photos if you like, but I chose to upload a piece of my own hand lettering artwork that I’m particularly excited about. I created this image on the iPad Pro by uploading a stock photo of a coffee mug on a black background and then lettering around it in the app Procreate. I saved the completed image and uploaded it to my Shutterfly gallery, then was able to transfer it to make a set of four coasters, just perfect for a coffee lover. {Confession: these are for me…}

For the Kiddo: Personalized Photo Frames

Shutterfly Photo Frames

Most of us have at least one special saying we use with the kiddos in our lives. One of ours is, “love you to the moon and back,” so when I saw this Love You to the Moon and Back Frame, I knew I had to get it for Little Crafter. I was able to personalize it with the message “Best Buddies Forever,” and I also had the option of having Shutterfly print and insert a photo for me. I chose to have them add a photo of us from the 4th of July. Like any photo frame, though, you can change the picture whenever you like. There are other designs and colors available and lots of ways to personalize these frames. As for this one, the design is fun, the glossy finish is gorgeous, and it’s going to look fabulous on LC’s nightstand.

For the Mama: Photo Jewelry


Every mama loves to keep her kiddos close to her heart. Last year, my niece was just a few months old, and I ordered my sister-in-law, Joanna, a gold necklace with her photo on the charm. Joanna absolutely loved it and wears it often. I thought that this year, I would use my new favorite photo of my niece to create a new Gold Photo Charm. Joanna can easily switch it with the existing charm, or add it to the chain and wear both together. I’m always amazed by the clarity of the photos on these little charms, and I think they make a treasured gift!

For the Sentimental One: Desktop Plaques

Shutterfly Plaques

For anyone who loves displaying photos around their home {or office}, the desktop plaques make a beautiful gift. You can choose from several different sizes and designs, then customize them with your favorite pictures. The photos here really don’t do justice to this particular product, because the glossy finish is what really makes them so eye-catching in person.

Shutterfly Desk Plaques

I can’t wait to give this one to my husband’s grandmother…I happened to catch this moment between her and Little Crafter when we were in between posed family photos, and I couldn’t love it more. It was just pure sweetness and the two of them interacting, and as soon as I snapped it, I knew I had something priceless!

For When You Need to Be the Favorite Child: Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints from Shutterfly

When you’re really looking to go all out and give that “wow gift,” you can’t beat Shutterfly’s canvas prints. We have a framed one in our home over the fireplace, and it elicits comments from everyone who ever walks in the door. This year, as I mentioned, we took a ton of family photos back in October, so I decided to use the Classic Monogram Framed Canvas  as a way to combine them into one piece of wall art for my mother-in-law. It’s 16 x 20″ and it’s absolutely beautiful. As soon as I pulled it out of the box, I literally gasped out loud, then told my hubby he was on his way to being the favorite child for sure. The colors and the clarity of the photos are fantastic, and it’s going to look amazing hanging on the wall.

Personal Gifts from Shutterfly

What do you think, does that cover just about all the types of folks on your Christmas list? Shutterfly really does have something for everyone! I can’t wait to see my family members’ faces when they open these gifts. I also want to mention quickly that the customer service at Shutterfly is top notch and they will take care of any problem you might have with an order. No company can be perfect all the time, but what matters if they make it right. When I opened all my boxes, I found a spot on the blanket where my husband had a dark line across his head that wasn’t there in the original photo. It looked like he had a gash on his forehead, and it was significant enough that I wanted it to be corrected. I contacted Shutterfly and they immediately reordered the product for me and sent me a brand new {and correct} one at no charge. I appreciate knowing that I can order with confidence, because they’ll always make sure things are right. What about you? Which of these gifts look like a perfect fit for your family and friends?



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