Folk Art Multi-Surface Paint, New Handmade Charlotte Stencils, and a Michaels Giveaway!


Hey, friends!  Many of you already know that I love to do all different types of craft projects.  That’s why you’ll find a variety of things here on One Artsy Mama, everything from jewelry to crochet to things made with a cutting machine and vinyl.  But one of my very favorite must-have supplies would have to be paint.  I like to paint on all kinds of things; glasses, mugs, flowerpots, walls, t-shirts, wood, metal…you name it, I’ll paint it!  So, I was really excited to get this goody box from my friends at Plaid and sample their new product Folk Art Multi-Surface Paint!  The idea is that you can use this same bottle of paint on just about anything!  It’s dishwasher safe once it’s been cured, and is even machine washable!!


I got five colors of the paint to try, plus assorted sponge brushes, tape, “Chalk Anything” paint {which I cannot WAIT to try!!!}, and some brand new Handmade Charlotte stencils {These new patterns as well as the paints are available at your local Michaels store!}.  Of course I had to test my new toys out on a variety of different surfaces…check it out!  Oh, but before you do, let me warn you about something.  These projects are for {are you ready for this?  Take a deep breath…} Christmas!!  Yes, I know it’s only September.  But Christmas is just 2 short months away!  Which means if you’re like me and you enjoy making a lot of your own gifts, you have to get a head start!  Like now!  It just so happened that my particular sample of the new Handmade Charlotte stencils was a kit containing some cute woodsy/nature images, and the pine trees were calling my name.  “Ammmmyyyy…..make me into Christmas presents…you know you waaaant to!!!” Can you hear them?  Ok, on to the projects!

1. GLASS: Stenciled Tile Coasters
Stenciled Coasters

– blank tiles {these are ridiculously cheap at a hardware/home improvement store}!
Folk Art Multi-Surface Paint
– sponge brushes
– tape
Handmade Charlotte Stencils
– felt
– scissors
– hot glue

Coasters are the perfect gift for a neighbor, an acquaintance, or that person who has everything!  They’re uber-cheap to make, and you can do just about anything on them!  To make these, I started by taping my large pine tree stencil in the center of the tile.

Folk Art Multi-Surface Paint Coasters

I dipped my brush into the paint and carefully dabbed it onto the coaster, filling the stencil area.  I made sure I didn’t have too much excess paint on the brush because otherwise it would bleed past the tree shape.

Folk Art Paint

I carefully removed the stencil and let the paint dry completely.  So far, so good!

Folk Art Multi-Surface Paint

Once it was dry, I repeated the same steps with a different color paint and a smaller stencil to create two more trees.

folk art multi-surface paint

I finished it off by adding red dots to the center tree using the bottom of one of the paint brushes.  Before using the coasters, it’s a good idea to trim a piece of felt that’s just slightly smaller than the tile and hot glue it to the bottom so the rough side doesn’t scratch up your tables.  Then, just tie them together with a pretty ribbon, and you have a totally festive handmade gift!

Christmas Coasters

2. PLASTIC: Stenciled Gift Tag

multi-surface paint

– small plastic shapes
Folk Art Multi-Surface Paints
– sponge brushes
– tape
Handmade Charlotte stencils
– tape
– twine
– scissors

Every gift needs a cute little tag, right? I had these plastic shapes in my stash from another campaign and thought they’d be perfect!  They were just the right size for my tiny tree stencil.  I repeated the same process of taping the stencil in place, carefully dabbing paint into the open area, then removing the stencil.  Once the paint dried, I used the sharpened tip of a pencil dipped in paint to create the tiny ornaments.  A little jute to tie it in place, and it was ready to go…and it even matches the gift!  Seriously.  How stinking cute is that?!

folkart multi-surface paints

3. TERRACOTTA: Stenciled Flower Pot

Folk Art Multi-Surface Paint

– small flowerpot
Folk Art Multi-Surface Paints
– sponge brushes
– tape
Handmade Charlotte Stencils

Everyone loves a potted plant, especially one that lives all year round and is incredibly hard to kill!  Succulents bring greenery and freshness into your home even in the winter, and in a cute little handmade pot, they’re a great holiday decoration.

To make this one, first I used my sponge brush to paint the rim of the pot green.  Then I cut around the edges of my stencil and taped it in place.

stenciled flowerpot

I repeated the same stenciling process described above and ended up with a cute little pine tree on my pot!

multi-surface paint

The paint had great coverage and worked really well on all three of the surfaces I experimented with: Glass, Plastic, and Terracotta!  Now I’m anxious to try it on fabric, metal, and wood!

folk art collage

Now, are you totally excited about this Multi-Surface Paint?  Well, guess what!  One lucky winner will receive a Folk Art Multi-Surface Prize Pack AND a $100 Michaels Gift Card!!!  Rafflecopter will walk you through the entry process; good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more fun ideas on how to use these new products {which you can find at Michaels}, check out these great posts from some of my fellow DIY/Craft Bloggers!




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