Easy Spring Centerpiece Ideas

My favorite kind of project is one that’s affordable and simple; something that literally anyone can do to make their home (or the world) more beautiful. These spring centerpieces fall into that category. If you don’t already have everything you need at home, you can easily pick up the remaining supplies at Walmart, Target, or the Dollar Store. Here’s how to make a festive spring centerpiece in less than five minutes. Ready?

Idea #1: Egg & Flower Vase

You’ll need:

a clear glass (or plastic) container

plastic eggs

flowers (real or faux)

optional: smaller second container filled with water

To create this type of centerpiece, all you have to do is fill a clear vase with colorful plastic eggs, then add flowers! If you want to use real flowers, you’ll start by placing a smaller vase filled with water inside the larger one, then placing your eggs around it to hide it from view. I prefer to use faux flowers, because I’m allergic to the real thing and it makes me feel miserable to have them in the house. Also, this way I can keep them looking great all season long.

I like to use eggs that are all the same color, and that coordinate with the flowers I’m using. However, colors are totally up to you; use what works best in your own home.

Idea #2: Eggs-tra Decor

You’ll need:

a decorative container: box, basket, bin, crate,

plastic eggs

This type of centerpiece is the easiest of all. Literally the only thing you have to do is fill a decorative container with colorful plastic eggs. I tried using a variety of things I already had around the house. Two of my favorites were this long, thin crate, and some empty lanterns. Now they have a festive touch that’s just right for spring.

Idea #3: Cute enough to eat!

You’ll need:

clear vase or jar

Easter candy: marshmallow bunnies and/or jelly beans


optional: smaller second container to hold water

Once again, if you choose to use fresh flowers, you’ll need to put a small cup filled with water inside your vase first, then slide your candy between the outside of that and the edges of your larger vase. If you’re using faux flowers, you can skip right ahead to filling the vase with seasonal candies, then place the flowers in the center.

All of these ideas are easy to put together with very few supplies and in a short amount of time, but they still look fantastic on your spring table! We used ours for the Passover Seder and will continue using them as we look forward to Easter too.

Which spring centerpiece idea is your favorite? If you create your own, I’d love to see how they turn out; be sure to share your photos in the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook Group so we can all be inspired. Make sure to check out my other spring & Easter themed posts too, including 5 non-traditional Easter basket ideas. Happy Creating!

Easy Spring Centerpiece Ideas

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