You Complete Me: His & Hers Valentine Gifts

Thanks to Sculpey for sponsoring today’s post; as always, all opinions are honestly my own.

His & Hers Valentine Gift Idea

Valentine’s Day is almost here, friends! Need a last minute gift idea? Here is something that’s sweet and sentimental but takes very little time and effort to create…it’s a great way to remind that special someone that you belong together! Take a look…

Sculpey Premo! Accents Oven-Bake Clay {Silver, Red Glitter}
Acrylic Roller
Circle Graduated Cutter
– Premo! Sculpey Mini Metal Cutters: Basic Shapes {Heart}
Sculpey Needle Tool or Toothpick
– Foil lined baking sheet
– Jump Rings
– Key ring
– Necklace chain or wire expandable bracelet


Step 1: Warm a small piece of metallic silver clay in your hands, then use the acrylic roller to flatten it to about 1/8″.

Step 2: Use a circle cutter in your desired size and cut the clay. I wasn’t sure at first which size I’d like best, so I made three different ones to try; 1″, 1.25″, and 1.5″.

Step 3: Cut a small heart from your clay circle. Again, I tried several different things, positioning it in the center and offset to the bottom right. If you want the heart piece of jewelry to be a different color, roll and cut that out as well.


Step 4: Poke holes in your pieces so they can be turned into jewelry. For the circles, I placed the holes in the top center. For the hearts, I placed them in the top left, but you can do it anywhere you like. Just make sure the hole goes all the way through so that it doesn’t close back up during baking.

Step 5: Place your clay pieces on a foil lined baking sheet and bake according to package instructions. Mine baked for 15 minutes at 275 degrees Farenheit.


Step 6: When the baked clay is cooled, add a jump ring to each piece. Be sure to open and close your jump rings by gently twisting the ends rather than pulling them apart. Then, add whatever else you need in order to turn the pieces into your desired gifts. I chose to make the circle into a keychain for hubby by adding a key ring, while making the heart into a necklace for myself by adding a piece of chain. You can just as easily make both parts into necklaces, or put one on an expandable wire bangle. Really, you can do anything you like with them!


My favorite part is the way the two pieces literally fit together. It’s a sweet visible reminder to wear or carry with you that you belong together. You could pair it nicely with a note that says, “We’re a perfect fit,” or, “You complete me.” 


And by the way, this doesn’t have to be just a his and hers gift; it could easily be adapted for best friends or a parent and child too! What do you say? Is there someone in your life who would treasure a gift like this?

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