Fabric Stamped Kitchen Towels


One thing it seems I can never have enough of is kitchen towels. Feel the same way? Here is a simple way to customize basic, inexpensive flour sack style towels to make them match your decor and look like something from a designer store.

Here’s what you need:
{My materials were provided by Plaid; all opinions are my own.}

White cotton kitchen towels {you can get a set of 4 for $4 at Target}
Fabric Creations Block Printing Stamp
Sponge or sponge brush
Fabric Creations Soft Fabric Paint
Fabric Creations Foam Printing Mat


Step 1: Choose your stamp{s}.
There are a variety of block printing stamps to choose from. The designs range in size from small, like the one I used for this project, to large and there are border designs available too. The stencil I used is called Small Tribal Chevron. 


Step 2: Place your towel on top of the foam printing mats.
These are designed to be the ideal surface for the stamps to work on; just the right combination of firmness and resistance. There are two in the package, so I placed them side by side. Then, as I worked my way across, I moved the first one to the other side so I always had something to stamp on. This really was the perfect surface to create clean impressions.

Step 3: Place your fabric paint on a sponge, then use it to “ink” your stamp.
I found that the easiest, quickest way to re-load my stamp was to press the stamp onto the painted sponge each time as if it were an ink pad. The paints I used were Aqua and Marigold.


Step 4: Press your stamp onto the fabric firmly, then lift straight up. Repeat to create your pattern.
I stamped my design twice vertically to create a taller pattern. I alternated my colors as well as the direction of my chevron pattern all the way across the top and bottom edges of my towel.


My paint dried very quickly because it was a thin layer and not gloppy at all. It’s also incredibly soft and flexible, not hard like some fabric paints can be. Once your paint is dry, the towel is ready for display!


I purposely chose colors that match my kitchen decor…and the rest of the house too. I’m a sucker for teal and yellow!


I am definitely going to need to make several more of these for myself because I know I’m going to want this cute design in the kitchen all the time! I also think towels like this would make great holiday gifts, either stacked together and tied with a pretty bow or used in a gift basket of some kind.


What do you think?  Believe it or not, this whole thing took me less than 15 minutes to do. I’m all about projects that are so quick and easy to do but look awesome in my house! What would you create with these fabric stamps and paints?

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