Personalized Mugs with Cricut Mug Press

With holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming up, not to mention birthdays and summer fun ahead, let’s take a look at how you can use the new Cricut Mug Press to create all kinds of incredibly personalized coffee mugs! My favorite thing about these mugs is that the infusible ink actually fuses into the surface, rather than sitting on top like vinyl or marker does. That means these mugs are flake-proof, fade-proof, and safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave! Here’s how to create your own.


You’ll need:

Cricut Joy (or other Cricut cutting machine)

Cutting Mat

Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet(s)

Cricut Mug Press

Heat Resistant Tape (optional)

Cricut Design Space

12 or 15 oz mug blanks (must be sublimation mugs)


Step 1: Choose or create your design in Design Space.

This is the most important step, because you get to decide exactly what you want to put on the mug. There are tons of already-created images you can choose from in the Design Space app, including individual designs that you can place on one side, or mug wraps that are specially designed to go all the way around. You can also add extra personalization by adding text to an existing mug wrap design, using an uploaded image like a logo or character, or even creating and uploading your own artwork.

Here are a few examples I created to help inspire you:

Monogram Mugs: 

One uses A Monogram #M21E1AF4D from the Design Space image library; one uses Small Mug Floral Design #M1D5BC61B with the addition of a circle and a typed “A.” Colors used: Wild Aster, Rose Pink


Image used: Don’t Worry Bee Happy #M248CEC6A from Design Space. Colors used: Black, Bright Teal, Warm Splash Pad (Yellow)

Artist at Work Mug:

Image used: Large Paint Drip Mug Design #M1479EBEC. Then, I typed the words “artist at work” on one side, and “paint water” on the other. Color used: Cool Splashpad (Blue)

Beach Waves Mug:

Image used: Large Waves Mug Design #M1D0153B6 and added the typed words, “myrtle beach, sc.” Colors used: Cool Splashpad (Blue), Black

Love You More:

Image used: Original hand lettered “love you more” created on the iPad in the app Procreate, then uploaded into Design Space. Color used: Cool Splashpad (Teal)

Step 2: Size your design to fit the mug, then use a Cricut machine to cut the design from Infusible Ink transfer sheets. 

You can use solid colors, or take advantage of some of the beautiful patterned ink sheets. Load the ink sheet colored side up on a cutting mat. Make sure that you mirror the design before cutting! Then, press “go,” and the machine will work its magic. Note that the ink will be much more vibrant in color after it’s heated.

Note about sizes: If using a mug wrap design, it should already be perfectly sized for your cup; just make sure if it says “Large,” you’re using a 15 oz mug; “Small” is a 12 oz mug. If you are putting an individual design on one side, it should be no larger than 3″ square. My “A” is 2.80.” The maximum design size for a full wrap is as follows: 12 oz mug – 8.75″ x 3.79,” 15 oz mug – 8.75″ x 4.25.”

Step 3: Weed your design.

This means removing all of the ink that you do NOT want to transfer to the mug. If you are doing a “normal” design, you’ll peel off the background, leaving just your words or shapes. Don’t forget the centers of letters like “o” and “e”!

If you are doing a multi-color design, add on the pieces that are in another color.

You can also choose to do a negative design(like my “love you more” example, which means you actually remove the letters or images, leaving the rest of the ink sheet in tact. This will cause your words/images to be white and the rest of the mug will be colored.

Flip your design over and take a look from the other side. Make sure everything (besides the color) looks the way you want it to appear.

Step 4: Place your image securely on the mug.

Use a lint roller or tape to remove any dust or debris from the surface of the mug, then apply your design. Make sure it is positioned exactly where you want it, then stick it in place with the adhesive backing. You can also use heat resistant tape to hold smaller designs in place.

Step 5: Slide your mug into the Cricut Mug Press and push down the top right side.

Preheat your machine first. The machine automatically adjusts to fit whichever size mug (12 oz or 15 oz) you’re using. It also automatically sets the correct temperature and amount of time, so all you have to do is wait for all five lights on top to be lit and a beep to signal that the mug is finished. The process takes about six minutes.

Step 6: Carefully remove your mug from the press.

Sit it on a heat resistant surface and resist the urge to touch it, because everything but the handle will be incredibly hot! Once it cools, gently peel the adhesive backing off and you’ll be left with the ink permanently infused into your mug.

Once the mug is cool, it is ready to wash and use. Not only can you put it in the microwave and dishwasher, it is completely food safe and non-toxic. Unlike mugs made with markers, it is totally safe to put your mouth on areas where the colored design is.

What do you think? Which mug is your favorite? What kinds of different words and designs would you use for the people in your life? These make fantastic gifts, and are truly one of a kind! If you make your own, I’d love to see what you create! Be sure to share your latest project photos in the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook Group so we can all inspire each other.

Personalized Mugs with Cricut Mug Press

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