Bloom Keychain

Friends, if I see another snowflake, I’m seriously either going to cry, scream, or crawl under a blanket and refuse to come out until April.  I. am. done. with. winter.  I’m done with shoveling, I’m done with coats, I’m done with ice, I’m done with snow days and two-hour delays, and I’m done with being cold.  Bring on the flowers and sunshine!  I made a super-fast and easy little project to cheer myself up and remind myself that winter isn’t forever…do you like it?

Bic Mark-It Keychain

{some of mine were provided by partners of my blog like Bic and Banglewood Crafts.  All opinions are 100% my own}.
– round wooden disc
– Bic Mark-It permanent markers
– key ring
– jump ring
– pliers


Bic Mark-It Keychain

One of my favorite sections in my {newly organized!} crafting area is my bin full of unfinished wood and glass pieces that are just waiting to be painted or turned into something fun.  As soon as I had the idea to make a spring keychain, I headed to my bin and pulled out a wooden disc from Banglewood Crafts that’s actually designed to be an earring.  You could actually use any wooden shape you wanted, like a solid circle, a square, or anything else you can find.

Bic Mark-It Bloom Keychain

Then it was just time to have fun and doodle!  I had no pattern, nothing in mind except cheerful flowers.  I used my Bic Mark-It Ultra Fine Point black permanent marker to draw the outlines of some flowers and write the word “bloom.” I tried to make it interesting by using a few different shapes of flowers instead of drawing them all the same.  You really can’t go wrong here.  Then, I colored in the flowers and leaves using my colored Bic Mark-It Fine Point permanent marker pack.  Why Bic?  I’m glad you asked.  Reason #1: Non-toxic.  Reason #2: Acid free.  Enough said.

Bic Mark-It Marker Keychain

To finish up, the last steps were to attach a jump ring through the hole drilled in my wooden disc, and then slip it onto a key ring.  Add a few keys, and ta-da!


Bic Mark-It Bloom Keychain

Honestly?  The hardest part of the whole deal was getting my big fat key {Honda, of course!} to go on the key ring.  There may or may not have been a manicure mishap that made me forget not to be grumpy…  But I think it’s super-fun, don’t you?  And it couldn’t be easier!  Just pretend you’re in junior high again and start doodling…you can’t go wrong!  Use your favorite colors, a favorite phrase, your initials, anything at all!  What would you doodle?



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  1. What an adorable and simple idea!! I love it! I think that I could get all of these supplies pretty easily (and inexpensively!) and make key rings for my daughters that relate to their cars! (they LOVE their cars) ie: “Samantha’s Avenger” *color coordinated to her car of course*, and maybe some little Dodge Ram horns on it 😉 HA! Thanks Amy!! <3

  2. Great idea!! This would be a perfect party idea for my daughter’s 17th birthday coming up. All her friends have cars so this would be a great, fun project for them to do. Thanks so much for the great idea!! Pinning 🙂

  3. You have lovely handwriting. A tip for the key ring is to use a dime to open up the ring. You put the dime in between the loops (I hope that makes sense), and then twist the dime to open it to the width you need.

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