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This summer, my neighbor-turned-good-friend Lisa and I took on a challenge. Both of us love flowers and plants, but neither of us has a green thumb. In fact, my gardening abilities are so bad I’ve managed to kill African Violets and several kinds of succulents. As a result, our husbands weren’t really in favor of buying us hanging baskets since they tend to be expensive and the assumption was that neither of us could keep one alive for more than a week. We decided to prove them wrong and challenged ourselves to keep our flower baskets alive for at least a month. We remind each other to water them and can easily see how the other is doing since our houses are literally about 20 feet apart.

The result? It’s been more than a month…six weeks, in fact, and both of us have met our goal!


Our hanging baskets are still going strong…they’re healthy, blooming, and beautiful! We proved to our husbands {and ourselves} that we could do it, and that seemed like a great reason to celebrate. Lisa and I both love a good glass of wine, so we decided to celebrate our success by enjoying some Middle Sister Sweet & Sassy Moscato together.


The Middle Sister brand, a new favorite of mine, is based on a series of quirky “middle sister” characters who each have their own type of wine, their own look, and a very distinct personality.  Crafted by award-winning winemaker Nancy Walker (a middle sister herself), Middle Sister Wines offers a wide variety of delicious red, white and sparkling wines from California and Argentina. Which of the sisters do you most identify with? There’s Rebel Red, Drama Queen, Sweet & Sassy, Goody Two Shoes, Wild One, Mischief Maker, Smarty Pants, Forever Cool, Surfer Chick, and Sweetie Pie. Both Lisa and I favor the Sweet and Sassy sister…we are typically easygoing, loving, and friendly, but every now and then we have a sassy side that comes out when we need to stand up for ourselves or our kiddos! Coincidentally, this character is dressed in purple, which is our mutual favorite color too!


Recently, Middle Sister got a makeover and the wines now feature “Drops of Wisdom” which are a dose of inspiration right on the front label. Our Sweet and Sassy sister enjoys long, romantic walks to the wine fridge. I knew I liked her.

To go along with our little celebration, I thought it would be fun to make personalized wine glasses for us that celebrate our sweet and sassy spirit. I designed the text in my Silhouette Studio software, then cut it from adhesive vinyl {purple, of course!} with my Cameo electronic cutting machine. Once it was cut, I transferred it to the glasses using transfer paper. If you’d like to use my cut file to make some glasses of your own, you can grab it free here; just open it in your Silhouette software and it’s ready to be cut! Or, you could create your own design based on the description of the sister who best describes you!


Both Lisa and I prefer sweet wine, so this Moscato was a perfect choice for us, aside from the fact that it features our favorite sister. It has aromas and flavor of white peaches, citrus and honeysuckle. It’s Middle Sister’s sweetest wine, yet it’s well-balanced and refreshing…great with anything, but it’s especially good for pairing with fruit and cheese, dessert, or enjoying all by itself!


This was a great way to celebrate our somewhat silly accomplishment and toast to the fact that maybe we might have slightly green thumbs after all. Do you have something to celebrate? The end of the school year, perhaps? An achievement at work? Meeting a personal goal like we did? Why not celebrate with a bottle of Middle Sister wine? It’s available at Target {where alcohol is sold}, online, or you can check your local liquor store.


I would love to hear which of these Middle Sister characters sounds most like you!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. I have a black thumb too! It’s so horrible. I feel so bad for plants around me. Only this year I have managed to grow one tomato plant that is actually blooming and a mint plant. So awesome! I don’t drink at all, but I seriously love the label on that wine bottle. Thank you so much for linking up to Tips and Tricks. I hope you visit us again this week.

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