Art Kit for Kids: Birthday Gift Idea!

This weekend, we have a very special birthday party to attend!  You all know my friend Erin {author of Crafty Chaos}, who is the mama to three adorable boys.  Two of them happen to have birthdays very close to each other, so each year, she throws an amazing joint party for them!  {In fact, she just shared the Mickey Mouse invitation for this year’s party here on the blog.}  How adorable are they?!  This year, when I asked her for gift ideas, she gave me the best suggestion ever.


Erin told me that both boys are starting to really enjoy doing craft projects, but they don’t really have many of the basics they need for kiddo art!  She has her own stash of crafting supplies, but none of the things little people really love to create with!  So, she asked me to put together a very special Aunt Amy Crafting Kit for them.  I think it was the most fun I ever had birthday shopping!  Here’s what I put together for them.



I know that the boys, like Little Crafter, are starting to love painting in particular, so I made sure to include some paint and two packs of brushes, one for each of them.  I also chose a blue painters pen for them to try out.


Erin also mentioned that they didn’t even have basics like glue, other than her hot glue gun which she obviously doesn’t want them using.  So, I headed to the section where some of my favorite products were {you know I love me some Elmer’s} and chose some school glue and glue sticks.  Little Crafter very specifically likes the kind that go on purple then turn clear when they dry because he likes being able to see where he put his glue, so I thought Erin’s boys might feel the same.  I also may or may not have included some glitter glue…because glitter makes everything better.  Stickers are always fun too, so I picked up a pack of Elmer’s Board Mate letters and numbers stickers.


Here’s a list of everything I included to give you lots of ideas if you have a kiddo in your life who might love an art kit!

– 2 pairs of Fiskars safety scissors for kids
– Glitter Glue
– Rainbow pom-poms
– “Fuzzy Sticks” or pipe cleaners
– wooden craft sticks
– Elmer’s Glue Sticks
– Elmer’s School Glue
– Glitter
– Unfinished wooden frame
– Assorted Feathers
– Elmer’s Board Mate Letters & Numbers
– 2 packs of paint brushes
– Acrylic Paints


While I was shopping, I also picked up a shower caddy the boys could use to organize their supplies…basically so Erin didn’t kill me.  Now they’re all prepared for whatever type of crafting they want to try next!  I really loved putting this gift together for them, and I’m keeping it in mind for the next child’s birthday party we get to attend too!  What kiddo doesn’t love arts and crafts, right?  Is there a little person in your life who would love to receive something like this?


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