PEEP Art {and a giant crafting fail}!

Fess up, friends, how many of you have already started buying and eating those delicious little marshmallow Peeps?  This Sunday, they’ll be making their annual appearances in Easter baskets everywhere, but did you know that Peeps are for more than just eating?!  You can craft with them too!  Every year, our local Arts Center hosts a “PEEP Show” where individuals, families, schools, and businesses from the community create and display original creations made with Peeps!  This year, my friend Kat and I decided to work together to create an entry for our kids’ school.  Here’s how we did it.

Well, honestly, here’s how we intended to do it, tried to do it, failed to do it, and then eventually ended up doing it. 🙂

Our original idea was to create a three dimensional Olaf the snowman.  Then, we decided that sounded too hard for our first attempt at a Peep project, so we were going to do a slightly simpler version.  Our master plan was to take this black board Kat had at her house and spray paint it to look like a sky and grass, then use Peeps to form an Olaf dancing around in a field of flowers.

Step 1: Spray paint the board.  This part went awesome.  Thanks to Krylon spray paint, it was a breeze.  I used the tips my friends at Krylon taught me at CHA; lots of light coats are better than oversaturating it all at once!   In no time, we had a snazzy looking background all ready for a dancing snowman.


Step 2: Prepare the Peeps!  Kat and Little Crafter worked together to open boxes of bunnies we were going to spray paint white and turn into our Olaf.


Step 3: Paint those bunnies.  This is where the marshmallow hit the fan, so to speak.  You see, I thought it would be easy peasy to turn those suckers white.  But no.  Many MANY coats and an entire can of spray paint later, this is what we got.


Not even close to being snowman-white.  It was like they were just sucking the paint right into their little marshmallow centers.  Eventually, we just decided to throw in the towel and come up with an alternate plan.

Step 4-?: Start over.  We already had our nice sky and grass background, so we used the peeps to create a sun, some flowers, and a little bluebird and super-glued them in place.  Craftprojectideas donated green pipe cleaners to our cause, so we took twelve of those and braided them in groups of three to create stems for our flowers.  Then, we wrote the school’s core values on green card stock and cut them out in the shape of leaves.  We hot glued green pipe cleaners around each leaf, then attached the leaves to the stems.  The final step was to use my Cameo to cut out the name of the school and the little saying, “Growing “peep”-le of…”


So, although we didn’t end up with Olaf, we were still pleased with our creation.  I think it turned out cute and the school was happy with it too.  In the meantime, I added a few things to our “craft fail” photo and we also put it on display in the show as a printed, framed 8×10.


Our family {and our friend Miss M} enjoyed visiting the show very much and seeing all the other amazing Peep Art marshmallow creations!  There were even videos made with Peeps, which were LC’s favorite part.

And, of course, someone DID in fact make a 3-D Peep Olaf the snowman.  I was seriously impressed.  And a little jealous.  And most of all I just had to shake my head because it was when I saw this that I realized they actually SELL WHITE PEEPS!  Oh, colossal fail.  Maybe next year…


But this one here was my favorite little Peep of all…




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