Personalized Keepsake Glasses


As many of you know, I’ve been extra busy lately, not only with moving but also performing in a local production of Shrek the Musical. At the end of a show’s run, it’s customary for the cast to give gifts to the director, choreographer, music director, stage manager, and others who helped put everything together. We decided to give our production team bottles of “Once Upon a Vine” wine along with personalized glasses to commemorate the show.

Personalized Keepsake Glasses


– clear glasses
– green and yellow adhesive outdoor vinyl
– Silhouette Cameo or other electronic cutting machine
– transfer paper

My job was to personalize the glasses with the help of my fabulous Silhouette Cameo, “Cammie.” My original plan was just to download a .png file of the logo, trace it in the Silhouette Studio software, then cut it out of vinyl. However, this project turned out to be a little more involved than I intially thought it might because the actual logo contains a lot of shading and 3D effects, which didn’t trace well at all. I tried a number of things within the software hoping to make it work, but in the end what I ended up doing was downloading a free “Shrek font” and typing the words into the software myself using that. It didn’t look quite right as far as spacing and sizing, so I ungrouped the letters and moved/re-sized each one the way I wanted it. It’s not perfect, but I thought it turned out as close as I could have hoped.


Then, I measured the glasses and resized the whole thing to fit. I wanted to cut “Shrek” out of green vinyl and “The Musical” from yellow to match the actual logo, so I temporarily put “The Musical” off the cut grid and replicated the “Shrek” text seven times. I sent it to the Cameo, then switched my vinyl and did the same thing again only this time I removed “Shrek” and replicated “The Musical.”

Once all the cutting was done, I used transfer paper to remove each logo from the vinyl sheet and place it onto the glass. That was the easy part!


I also made a few as a surprise for some of the lead actors and wanted to add a little fun extra to the gift, so I included all the ingredients to make a personal s’more (based on Shrek’s famous “s’nothers), and packaged it with a lovely green ribbon. I love how it fits perfectly in the glass, and gives it that extra pop of color!


I’m thrilled with how they turned out and my cast-mates were too. When I showed a few of them the finished product, I got reactions like…
“Wow! That’s great!” 
“That looks so official. Like you went to NYC and saw it on Broadway and brought it back as a souvenir.”
And my personal favorite:
“I’ve never thought someone was so awesome, and sort of hated them at the same time for being so awesome before.”


The great thing about using the vinyl is that it’s totally washable and stays nice even with frequent use. Remember when I made Fall Leaf Wine Glasses? I use that glass often, put it in the dishwasher every time, and it still looks like new. I know this particular design isn’t going to be something most of you find useful {although, if it is, you can download the free cut file here}, but it goes to show you that you can personalize a glass in any way you can imagine! Any logo, any saying, any design you like! Just have your cutting machine do the work and then vinyl-ize it!

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