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Friends, one of my favorite parts of preparing for Christmas is wrapping gifts!  I love using fun papers, ribbons, and tie-ons, because it makes the presents look so festive!  This year, I had the opportunity to sample and play with some EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape, and I honestly had a blast using it to pretty up a few very important presents!

My box full of fun tape {I got one with ornaments, one with peppermints, and one with daisies!} arrived at the perfect time, because I had a very important package to ship!  You see, I belong to a Facebook group with some of my favorite bloggers, and we decided to do a secret gift exchange this year.  Adrianne, from Happy Hour Projects, gave us each a name to buy/create presents for, and I got my good friend Kara from Happy Go Lucky!  Here’s a little peek at what I sent her!

Kara loves turquoise, nail polish, lip gloss, jewelry, stationery, and anything from Target.  So, I covered all my bases! I got her a note pad, a little journal, notecards, pens, nail polish, and lip gloss!  I also found some adorable twine I knew she would like, and I made her a pair of earrings.  Little Crafter joined in the fun by sending one of his handmade Snowball Ornaments.  I was able to fit it all into a box I already had on hand from some “happy mail” of my own, so I stuffed the gifts inside and taped it shut with some pretty daisy tape.

Then it was time for the real fun!  First, I wrapped the entire box using some plain silver wrapping paper.  Then, I used the EZ Start Printed Packaging Tape with the ornaments on it to create a stripe down the left side of the box.  I started in the back and wrapped it all the way around.  The convenient little metal tear strip made it easy to cut the tape when I wanted to.

The package looked really fun already, but I wasn’t done yet!  Instead, I cut out the letters “J” and “Y” from the same tape, and cut an “O” from the peppermint tape, which coordinated nicely.  I just freehanded them, but you could create and trace a pattern if you like.  Then, I stuck the letters in the bottom right corner of the package to spell out the message, “JOY”!

How fun and festive is that?!  All that was left to do was address my package, which I did, and ship it to Kara to enjoy!

Ms. Michelle, the lady who works at our local Post Office commented on how pretty the package was, and she was even sweet enough to put the postage and priority mail stickers where they wouldn’t cover up the decorative tape!  Hooray!

Once I saw how fun and easy it was to package gifts witih my new tapes, I decided to use the same idea to wrap some of hubby’s Christmas gifts!  I thought it would be a fun way to make his stand out from the rest of the gifts for family and friends, and I even labeled one package with his initials, which I use as a nickname for him sometimes.

I had so much fun playing with these festive printed tapes, and they were really easy to use, just like they promise!  What’s your favorite way to wrap holiday gifts?  For more inspiration, check out @TheDuckBrand on Twitter!

Hugs & Glitter

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