DIY Ornament for Kids

Friends, I sure hope you all enjoyed this year’s ornament exchange as much as I did!  My partner was the fabulous Amy R. from The Stitchin’ Mommy, and in case you didn’t see this jolly guy on Facebook, take a look at the Santa she crocheted for me!  Of course, you’ll notice that he was mine for all of about ten minutes until a certain someone got home from school and spied him.


Now, Santa apparently oversees “Elfie,” our naughty Elf on the Shelf and corrects him.  I caught LC having this little conversation with them, and he was doing voices for each one.  Santa has the deepest voice LC can muster, and Elfie kind of squeaks:

Santa: Come here, Elife.  We need to have a talk.  Elfie, have you been naughty?
Elfie: Um, yes…
Santa: What did you do?
Elfie: All kinds of naughty things.
Santa: Do you think it’s a good idea to be naughty?
Elfie: Yes.
Santa: What?  No.  No, Elfie.  It is bad to be naughty.  Do you think it’s a good idea to be naughty now?
Elfie: noooooooo….

All that to say, Santa has made himself quite at home here…thanks, Amy!!
So, if that’s what I got, what did I send?  Well, a few weeks ago, I showed you how to make the cute little button snowman I sent for Amy {doesn’t she have a great name?!}  But I didn’t stop there, because I found out that she has a little crafter of her own!  A little girl who loves pink and purple and sparkly, shiny things!  So, I put together this little DIY Ornament for her…take a look!


Kids Ornament

You need:
– felt
– thread and a needle
– polyfil
– ribbon
– scissors
– hot glue
– acrylic gems or other decorative items {mine were a gift from my friends at}

I made the basic ornament the same way I created these simple Felt Monogram Ornaments last year.  All you do is trace something round and cut out two felt circles, whatever size you want them to be.  Hand stitch around the edges almost all the way around, then tuck in a little bit of stuffing.  Finish stitching it shut, tie off, and cut your thread.  Then, just glue on a piece of ribbon for a hanger.

Monogram Felt Ornaments

To create the monograms, I just cut letters out of felt and glued them on, but for my little friend, I thought she’d have more fun decorating the plain ornament herself with some pretty acrylic jewels!  So, I mailed the package of jewels along with the ornament and now she can craft to her heart’s content!  It was actually really fun to make something for a little girl for a change!  This could, of course, work for a boy too if you substituted buttons or something a little manlier for the gems.

Felt Ornament

Do you think this is a project the Little Crafters in your life would enjoy?

For more ideas check out:

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Sculpey Snowball
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Hugs & Glitter,


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