100 Days of School Shirts

Guess what?  Today is officially Little Crafter’s 100th day of school!  To celebrate, his teachers asked all the students to create a special t-shirt.  The only requirement was that it had to have 100 of something on it.  If you follow all the fun we have over on the One Artsy Mama Facebook page, you probably saw or maybe even participated in the big brainstorming session we had over there.  There were so many fabulous ideas I kind of ended up wanting to make more than one shirt so I could try them all out!  I had a few favorites in mind, like Olaf with 100 snowflakes in particular, but I decided since it was LC’s shirt to let him choose his favorite idea and make it however he wanted.  Here’s his creation:

Up, Up, and Away, It’s the 100th Day T-Shirt

100 days of school shirt

Initially, he was torn between the idea of the house from UP with 100 balloons and the one with 100 thumbprints.  He decided to go with the “Thumbs Up, I’m 100 days smarter,” but about ten thumbprints in, he changed his mind and wanted them to be balloons instead.  So, this is what we ended up with.  I would have personally been happier if the balloons were all in a big bunch, because I think they’d have looked, um, balloon-ier?  But by the time he decided on what he was doing, that wasn’t possible.  They’re balloons, people, and I’m sticking to it.  The good news is that he’s thrilled with it, and honestly?  That’s what matters.

I also happen to have an amazing group of mama-friends whose kiddos are in Little Crafter’s class, and several of them shared some photos with me of what they created.  I got their permission to share them here with you so you get even more inspiration in case you find yourself in need of a 100 day shirt…

100-Eyed Monster


100 days of school shirt

My friend Vanessa, created this shirt with her six year old using fabric markers and 100 google eyes…as well as some hot glue.  Ask her about how much she loves the hot glue gun.  I’m seriously loving this…so colorful and fun, and something he can totally wear anytime, not just on the 100th day!

Sunflower Seed Photo Shirt

100 days of school shirt

This one totally blew me away.  Partially because it’s so darn cute, partially because of the photo, and partially because my friend Aubry swears she’s not crafty or creative at all.  I call foul!  This is simply adorable.  She used photo shop combined with iron ons and fabric paint.  Well done, friend!

Stars in Space Shirt

100 days of school shirt

My friend Amanda and her little science-loving six year old made this fun shirt, complete with a rocket and 100 stars!  How fun is that?!

Thanks so much to my friends for letting me share their creativity today.  Honestly, I think they outdid the artsy mama this time!  But Little Crafter had a blast putting his thumbprints everywhere and can’t wait to show everyone his shirt…and that’s good enough for me!  Thanks again for all your fabulous ideas on the Facebook page!  And if you’re not over there participating in all the fun we have every day, what are you waiting for?



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