Felt Monster Finger Puppets

The other day, while browsing Pinterest, Little Crafter and I saw something we just had to make.  They were adorable little felt monster finger puppets.  Who could resist?  Not us!  Here’s how ours turned out and how we made them!
felt finger puppets
– felt
– pinking shears {you could also use regular scissors if you don’t have any}
– sewing machine and thread {again, you could hand sew if necessary}
– craft glue or hot glue
– assorted google eyes and pom poms {thanks to CraftProjectIdeas.com for ours}
STEP 1: Cut out two of whatever shape you want.  Ours ended up all different; one was rounded at the top, one was a rectangle, and then LC decided he wanted Frosty the Snowman and a carrot.  Go figure.
STEP 2: Stitch around the edges, leaving the bottom open.

A quick note here…yes Little Crafter did do the machine sewing.  I don’t know that I would necessarily recommend that for all four year olds, but he’s been wanting to try it and I decided this was a good intro project for him.  He pushed the pedal and helped me to guide the felt, but I did most of the “guiding” work and made sure his sweet little fingers stayed far from the needle.  We also discussed safety before we started and he practiced stopping and starting the pedal when I said the words “Go” and “Stop.”  He really did an amazing job.

STEP 3: Decorate!  We used our CraftProjectIdeas.com google eyes and pom poms for eyes and noses, and we used felt, buttons, and fabric paint for other embellishments.
STEP 4: PLAY!  Enjoy those monsters!

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