The Bank of Noah

How can an empty can of onions help someone in need?  You might be surprised!  Noah’s Bible story today was about the widow who put just two small coins into the temple treasury.  Jesus told his followers that she gave more than all the other rich folks who made such a show of giving large amounts because she had given all that she had.  We talked with Noah about how important it is to share what we have to help other people, just like the widow gave all she had to God so that He could use it to do His work.  Our craft for the day was to make a “bank” set apart for money to help others.  When he puts money into his regular piggy bank, he can also put some in this special bank and from time to time, we’ll make sure that it goes to an organization that will put it to good use.  Noah said he especially wanted to help other children, so we may use it for the local pregnancy center, St. Jude’s, or other children’s foundations.

– empty can with lid: we used one from French’s fried onions, but you could use a coffee can or any other container you have on hand as long as it’s relatively sturdy and has a removeable lid that you can cut.
– cardstock
– decorative supplies, like adhesive foam shapes, stickers, crayons, etc.
– tape
– scissors
STEP 1: Draw & carefully cut slit in container lid and make sure it’s big enough for a quarter to go through.
STEP 2: Measure height of can.  Cut cardstock to same height.  Our can was more than 12″ in diameter, so I had to tape two pieces of cardstock together to go all the way around the can.
STEP 3: Lay cardstock flat and decorate, using your choice of supplies.  Noah used stickers, foam shapes, and foam letters.  He asked us to help him spell out “Helping Others,” then stuck the letters on himself.
STEP 4: Wrap cardstock around can and tape where ends overlap.
STEP 5: Place lid on can.

STEP 6: Insert money!

This is a really easy craft, even for the littlest hands.  Noah really enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to put money in for “udder chill-dren.”  We explained that you need money to buy clothes and food and a home and medicine, and I think he really is starting to understand that there are people out there who are in need of those things.  It’s such a blessing to see him so willing to share and to sacrifice for other kids who don’t have the things he does.  A simple craft, a significant lesson…

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