Signs of Spring

So I need a little advice.  I found out today about a photo contest being sponsored by a local photographer.  Here are the rules:

“Everyone loves when they see the first signs of spring, from robins to budding flowers or trees and a hint of warmer weather. Feel free to capture these, but let’s get creative! What else is a sign of spring to you? Capture it in a unique way and share it with us. So grab your camera, get outside, and start snappin’!”

The grand prize winner gets a great discount on a family photo shoot…which I would love.  We haven’t had “real” family photos done in two years since our favorite photographers Jason & Jess are taking some time off to spend with their own adorable girls.  I definitely want to enter the contest, but I’m not sure which photo to use.  Here are the ones I’m considering…if you have an opinion, pretty please leave me a comment and tell me which one you think is the best choice!  Those of you who know me know that I’m ridiculously a little indecisive left to my own devices…

PHOTO A: Nothing says Spring like puddles and froggy boots, right?

PHOTO B: Swinging on the playground screams, “Spring,” right?  And the shades?  I heart those.  The downside is that this was actually taken on an unseasonably warm day in February so the grass looks a little toasty.

PHOTO C: The shades are springy, but I’m not sure about the snow in the background…grrr.  Love this shot of him though.  He’s so happy to be outside!

PHOTO D: Football + shades + froggy boots = total adorableness!  But that darn snow is still visible. 
PHOTO E: I know the instructions say to go for something other than the standard flower blooming thing, but the look on his little face is just priceless…I can’t resist considering it anyway.
Well, there are the choices…or I can always wait a few days until we finally (maybe) get a few blossoms on the trees and some green to the grass and try for another shot.  What do you think?  I’d love to hear your vote!  Once I pick one and submit it, I’ll put up the FB link to the photographer’s page so you all can go and vote for Noah’s super-cuteness!  In the meantime, at least these help me to think Spring just a little…I’m deliberately ignoring the drizzly gray 40 degree weather outside! 

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  1. I love them all…but I think the last one is my favorite…most Springy and Noah is adorable…I love the boots next and then the sunglasses…
    Any of them would work…
    I’m with you…next week is supposed to be warmer 🙂

  2. The one of Noah looking at the flowers surely is the cutest, but for the contest I’d submit the froggy rain boots. It’s more unique and creative, what the contest is looking for!

  3. For the contest…I would go with the Boots and Puddles. It’s not the typical spring flowers picture like the last one which was super cute with how excited his face was…and I agree with you on the others the snow just makes you go “ugh!”.

  4. I also like the boots in puddles pic. although the boots + shades + snow is a pretty true representation of MD spring 🙂 Great blog, Amy!

  5. Amy,

    I’m loving the “Froggy Boots”! Thank you so much for the sweet comment and for the follow. I’m now following you! Love all your creative ideas!

    Warm Wishes,

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