Impressionist Paintings and the "Hairafter"

Well, friends, by unanimous consensus, you all convinced me to take the plunge…here’s my new color!
And here it is in different lighting… 
It’s definitely darker than the light auburn I had in mind, but I do like it.  Hubby is a definite fan, and that’s ever so important!
Thanks for encouraging me to go for it.  It’s fun to have a change!
In other news, Little Crafter and I found a new favorite art supply this afternoon.  If you haven’t heard, Michaels is doing a really cool program for the month of July where every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 11-2, they feature drop-in make it and take it crafts from different countries.  Today, we were learning about France, so the craft was impressionist paintings.  Each child got an 8×10 canvas and they used Crayola Slick Stix to create their masterpieces.  This is Noah’s…he liked the sample picture and asked me to help him draw a flower just like it.

I was really anxious to get home and try to make one myself; let me show you how to make your own impressionist masterpiece.

 Materials: blank canvas, Crayola Slick Stix {they cost around $10}, water, pencil

I decided for my project to work on something Noah could put in his new ‘big boy’ room…Lightning McQueen.  I looked at a picture of Lightning on a poster Noah has as I sketched.

STEP 1: Lightly sketch an outline onto your canvas in pencil.

 STEP 2: Starting with your main color, outline and roughly fill in colored areas.

 STEP 3: Repeat using your next color.

 STEP 4: Continue until all colors are in place.

 STEP 5: Dip your fingertip in water and gently rub, which will smear the color.

STEP 6: Roughly color in a background.

 STEP 7: Dip finger in water and smear background colors.

STEP 8: While canvas is still damp, go back and color directly onto canvas in any areas that aren’t as dark as you like and gently smudge color around.

TA DA!  Here’s Lightning!  I can’t wait for N to wake up from his nap and see it!

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  1. Love the new hair…it looks so natural on you!
    And what a great picture for his new big boy room…I’ll bet he thinks you are the coolest momma ever!

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