“I’m Stuck on You” Teacher Appreciation Gift

Teacher Appreciation Gift

As the school year begins to wind down, there are several upcoming opportunities to show your child’s teachers some love. The first is National Teacher Appreciation Week, which is coming up May 4-8. When I was a public school teacher myself, I certainly appreciated any gift I was given, but some of my favorites were personal handmade gifts and things that were actually useful, like supplies I could put to use in the classroom. School budgets only go so far, so the reality is that many teachers often use a good bit of their own money to provide the supplies they want for their students. By this point in the year, those original classroom supplies are usually on their last leg, so I thought it would be a good idea to help replenish some of them. I gathered together some of my favorite supplies from Elmer’s and made this little “stuck on you” gift that has a sweet personal element as well…check out how easy it is to put together!

Teacher Gift

– terracotta flowerpot
– multi-surface paint
– Elmer’s Board Mate Alphabet Stickers
– banner shaped sticker

– Elmer’s Glitter Glue
– Elmer’s Board Mate Dual Tip Glue
– Elmer’s Early Learners triangle washable glue stick
– Elmer’s Washable School Glue Stick
– Elmer’s Craft Bond
– Elmer’s Painters: orange and white
– Elmer’s Lava Glue Stick

Teacher Appreciation Gift

This gift is so simple to create; all you have to do is let your child paint/decorate the flower pot, then let it dry completely. We went with orange, to go with the products we were going to put inside, and accented with a pink rim and pink polka dots. To personalize it, you can add your teacher’s monogram with a Board Mate sticker! Once the pot is dry, fill it with whatever goodies you like. To add a finishing touch, I just wrapped a banner shaped sticker around the Craft Bond and wrote “I’m stuck on you!”  Easy peasy, right? And it’s something any teacher can put to good use in the classroom. Plus, she/he can plant a flower in the pot and keep it for years to come.

Teacher Appreciation Gift

What do you think? Would a gift like this be a great fit for a teacher in your child’s life? Check out the Teacher Appreciation Craft Lightning series for more awesome, quick, and easy gift ideas you can make in 15 minutes or less!

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