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Hey, friends! I’m sure you’re not going to be surprised to hear that as we’re settling into our new home, I’ve found quite a few little DIY Home Improvement projects to tackle. The neighbors will attest to the fact that I’m constantly running outside with a can of spray paint in my hand, and hubby has expressed concern for a sleeping Fuzzy since I apparently have been painting everything that doesn’t move. Today, I thought I’d share one of the first things I painted and one of the quickest, easiest ways to update the look of your kitchen.


Our new kitchen has 11 cabinets and five drawers for holding all kinds of kitchen necessities. The cabinets are wood, and the appliances we brought along as well as the ones left by the previous homeowners are black and stainless steel.


I loved just about everything in the kitchen at first sight, except for the handles on the cabinets and drawers. They were gold, which didn’t go with any of the appliances, and not my style in the least. Plus, they were tarnished and showing signs of wear…the ones in the photo below look better than the actual ones in the kitchen did because these are on a set of extra cabinets downstairs in the utility room. My original plan was to just replace them all but I had two problems.

1. Knobs and drawer pulls can be expensive and I needed 16 of them.

2. The existing ones left two holes in the cabinet door that were about an inch apart; none of the options I saw at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Target would cover both holes. Plus, the plates left a slight indentation in the cabinet doors that would be visible if I went with a different style.


So, I decided to paint them and hope for a total transformation. If you saw my “Tips for Styling a Bookcase” post, you already know that my general color scheme is grey, teal, yellow, and neutrals. So, I got the bright idea to paint everything teal. Which worked great in my head but not so well in real life. The colored knobs just didn’t jive with the wood of the cabinets. Hubby hated it, many of you on Instagram weighed in and said it wasn’t the best look, and I had to agree. Several of you suggested painting the cabinets white or grey, which I would totally do, but hubby vetoed that option {for now!}. So, I was back to the drawing board.


I headed back to Michaels and picked up this Krylon Stainless Steel Finish. Despite the fact that I often work with Krylon for various projects, I had no idea this product existed. I was excited to find it because this way everything would match the stainless steel appliances! I bought a can, took it home, removed all the knobs {again} and gave them a good spray.


Once everything was dry, my dad and I attached the knobs and pulls back onto the cabinets and drawers.


Don’t they look totally different now?


I love how they look and the way they tie everything together so nicely. This photo was taken before the new counter tops arrived…


Here’s a peek at them now while I’m waiting for my faucet to be installed! I loooooove them!


And, just for fun, here’s the other part of the kitchen, including my favorite part…the bay window!


Anyway, I love simple and inexpensive projects like this that can give new life to things you already have and totally change the look of a room. It took hardly any time at all, and it only cost me a can of spray paint {which still has some paint left that I can use for another project}! Way cheaper than buying all new hardware! What do you think? Is there a room in your house where you could do this type of update?

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  1. I really like the new look. Funny how such a little project can make such a difference. Did you stay in the same area when you moved or did you come back to Severna Park area?? I am the one in SP, we talked about it a few months back…. Good luck, looking forward to seeing more projects. I also like the teal curtains, did you make those too??

  2. Are those bottles of wine above your sink? if they are in direct sunlight you’re going to make the wine go bad. Don’t let wine go bad! that’s a travesty. =) We completely gutted our 1950s kitchen and my husband built us cabinets in a gray finish. Gray cabinets FTW! especially with the black countertops. Ours are a manmade version of black labradorite (green labradorite is one of my favorite stones).

  3. I love your kitchen…The handles look great…and I love the new counters…
    Everything looks amazing…a little paint can make a big difference. 🙂

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