Hilton Anaheim: Our Home Away from Home

Special thanks to the Hilton Anaheim for sponsoring our trip and this post!

One of the most stressful things for me about planning a trip to a new destination is figuring out where to stay.  I’m a total creature of habit, so it can be unnerving choosing a hotel I’ve never seen in person, knowing it’s going to be our home away from home for a few days.  When I first found out we were heading to California for CHA, I started doing some research on area hotels and found out that the Hilton Anaheim was going to be the best choice for us.  It’s literally just a sidewalk away from the Convention Center where the show was being held…plus it offers a great view of Disneyland!

Hilton Anaheim

When we first arrived, we noticed that the outside of the building was well maintained.  It’s lined by palm trees {yay!} and how fun are these colored fountains?  We headed into the large, spacious lobby and LC made himself right at home on one of the fun circular couches while we checked in.  There were huge vases of fresh flowers and plenty of spots to sit and relax, which we took advantage of more than once during the weekend.

Hilton Anaheim

Down the hall from the registration desks, there was a food court with several restaurants where you could get subs, hot dogs or burgers, Mexican food, or pizza.  There was also a gift shop, where we got suckered into buying Little Crafter a stuffed Mickey Mouse.  If you exited from the doors by the food court, all you had to do was walk a very short distance to find yourself right at the doors of the convention center.  It was so convenient staying withing walking distance of the event!


The Hilton Lobby was also the site of the Avalon Conference Room where the FaveCrafts Blogger Networking Event was held.  There were great appetizers and we got to chat with manufacturers who love working with bloggers.  It was so nice just to be able to get in the elevator and head up to our room when the event was over!


Speaking of our room, it was clean and spacious.  We had a little sitting area with two chairs, two queen beds, and a desk area where I was able to work on my laptop.  The beds looked much neater than this when we arrived…we aren’t as good at making them as housekeeping was!

Hilton Anaheim

The best part about the room, though, was the view.  Little Crafter wasted no time in checking it out and spying all the things he wanted to do at Disneyland.

Hilton Anaheim

We could see the back of CarsLand, and we had a direct view of the castle.  On Friday night, we watched the fireworks right from our room, which was awesome!

Hilton Anaheim

We stayed on the 14th floor, so we had a great birds-eye view of Disney and the surrounding neighborhood.

Hilton Anaheim

Oh. And there was one more thing.  A very important thing to this Artsy Mama.  Guess what else was located right there in the lobby.


Yep.  Starbucks.  It was great news for my taste buds {bad news for my wallet}!  It was ever so easy to stop by on my way to the Convention Center, on my way back, during breaks…yeah.  I drank a LOT of coffee.  I also got my California souvenir from there; one of the “Places I’ve Been” mugs.  Good times.

The Hilton Anaheim staff was fantastic; they were friendly and helpful, and did whatever they could to make our stay enjoyable.  It was definitely a comfortable place to stay and a great home away from home for our time in Anaheim.  I loved the proximity to all my events as well as to fun things for hubby and LC to do while I was working hard.  Thanks so much to the Hilton Anaheim for such a wonderful experience!  If you ever plan a Disney trip or head to CHA yourself, this hotel has my highest recommendation…honestly.

Hugs & Glitter,


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  1. It seriously was a sweet hotel room!!! It was so nice you didn’t have to catch a cab after the event like I did. Next time I will be staying at the Hilton!

  2. Wow! That’s quite the hotel, Amy! I’m so jealous that you got to go to CHA and FaveCrafts… And LC must have been in heaven the whole time you guys were there!

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