Felt Hearts

Hello One Artsy Mama readers.  It’s Amy, from While Wearing Heels, your “sewing expert”.  Before you get out your sewing machine, today we are going to do some hand sewing using my favorite material…felt!

With Valentine’s day approaching, today’s project is all about hearts…you know, for that someone special you love.  The felt heart we are going to make can be used as a paper straw embellishment or as a pencil topper.

Valentine Heart 049ps

To get started, you’ll need the following:

valentine hearts 217Begin by cutting out your hearts.  You’ll need (2) hearts, preferably the same color, for each (1) completed heart made.

valentine heart 222Layer (2) of the hearts together.  Using your needle and thread, do a running stitch around your heart.  When you get to the very top of the heart, and the very bottom or your heart, instead of sewing through both layers of your heart, you’ll just do a running stitch through the top layer.  This stitch is just a finishing stitch, to give your heart a finished look.  This will also allow you to create a pocket or gap to slip a straw through or a pencil into.  For the rest of the heart, you’ll do the running stitch through both layers of the heart.

*Not interested in sewing?  Skip it and glue the (2) heart pieces together.

valentine heartSlip your straw through the center of your heart.

valentine heart 234And, sip with love.

valentine heart 016psOr, put your heart on the top of a pencil.  Hopeful it will inspire a love letter or two.

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Until next month…

Happy Sewing!

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