Fused Glass Minion

As many of you know, I recently got introduced to a rather addictive hobby…making fused glass creations!  You might have seen the frit pendants and stacked glass pendants Erin and I made on my little birthday outing.  Well, I should have known that it would be all of two seconds before Little Crafter insisted on making a glass craft himself.  Fortunately, he had a day off school recently, so we were able to make a trip to Meltdown, a local glass and pottery studio, where he created this…check it out!!

Fused Glass MinionHonestly, it’s super easy to do…LC really did this almost entirely by himself.

– yellow and blue glass sheets
– large white dot
– 2 small black dots
– 1 black noodle
– 2 black stringers
– 1 chunky piece of red frit
– Elmer’s glue
– {optional} small piece of wire and clear noodle for hanger

fused glass minion

Step 1: Glue a blue square/rectangle onto yellow piece.  Before doing this, you’ll want to nip the yellow rectangle so the top is rounded, as shown.

fused glass minion

Step 2: Create goggles/eye by layering a piece of a black noodle, a large white dot, and a small black dot.

fused glass minion

Step 3: Create a mouth by layering a small black dot and a large piece of red frit.

Step 4: Break or cut black stringer into pieces and add hair, suspenders, and a pocket.

fused glass minion

Step 5: To add a hanger, just twist a small piece of wire into a loop.  Glue it to the back of the minion, then glue a piece of clear glass on top.  The glass will melt and seal the hanger inside.

That’s all there is to it!  The final thing you need is to melt it in a kiln…ours was done at the local glass studio.  BUT…exciting news!  Darice is sending me a microwave kiln to test out and tell you all about, and if it works, WOWZERS!  You can do this at HOME in your MICROWAVE!!  How cool will that be!?  So stay tuned!

fused glass minion

See, I promise, glass fusing is easy-peasy!  If a five year old can do it, I promise you that you *honestly* can too!

fused glass minion

Hugs & Glitter,


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