P is for Preschool

We’re still busy learning about Fall here in One Artsy Mama-land.  Little Crafter has decided that he wants to do Preschool activities pretty much constantly, which keeps me on my toes!  I’m always looking for a variety of ideas that will give him a chance to practice different skills, and I love finding things he can do pretty independently.  I’m also especially fond of projects that are free, like this one!
All you need to make this fun, festive tree is:
a magazine
a glue stick
a piece of paper or cardstock
That’s it!  We had all those things laying around already, so it didn’t cost us a penny!
First, we flipped through the magazine and it was Little Crafter’s job to point out anything he saw that was red, orange, yellow, or brown.  Which was pretty easy…we were using the September issue of Lucky, so there were lots fall clothes, purses, and all kinds of other things in those colors!  I cut leaf shapes and we used a giant photo of a brown boot to cut out a trunk.
We glued the trunk to our cardstock, then Little Crafter glued all the leaves wherever he wanted them.
He did a good job with the glue stick and was able to do this pretty much all by himself.
It was even his idea to put a few leaves on the ground like they had fallen off…”after all, Mommy, that’s what leaves do!”  This was a fun project and gave him a chance to practice color recognition as well as motor skills, and it was perfect for our unit about seasons and fall.  I’ve had a few people ask to see some picture of our little “classroom,” which is really just a corner of our basement…here it is:
And, speaking of Fall, don’t forget about our new challenge for the week; Door Decor!
Have a great day!
PS – Don’t forget, only one more day to enter the NINE giveaways!

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  1. such a fun project! we’re still waiting for the leaves in our area to turn… they’re a bit late this year!! i love his little office! the computer on the desk made me laugh. bear does that too! thanks for linking this up last week!

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