Top 10 of 2015

Friends, I didn’t want to let the new year come and go without highlighting a few of the top blog posts from 2015. Here is a quick roundup of ten of the most popular posts; you may have seen them already, but I hope you’ll still enjoy!


#10 – Minecraft Canvas Art

Little Crafter and I had a blast making these mini canvases to decorate his room! Since I don’t think Minecraft fever is going away anytime soon, this would be a great project to do with your kids this year.


#9 – Rainbow Fish

Everyone loves the story of Rainbow Fish! I made this cute little plush version using one of my new favorite materials of 2015, Oly-Fun. It took hardly any time at all and the finished product is so much fun!


#8 – Birthday Gift Idea

I made this pointillism style coffee mug as a birthday gift for my friend who loves both sweets and coffee. The reverse side says, “Cupcakes & Caffeine.” At the time, I used Sharpies, but since then, I’ve been introduced to PaintedbyMe ceramic paint markers which are food safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and really vibrant colors. If I did this project again, I would definitely use those instead.


#7 – S’mores on a Stick

Who can pass up a s’mores inspired treat? These are so easy to make; all you need are marshmallows, melting chocolate, and cereal!


#6 – Basic Hand Lettering: Alphabet Practice

Although I just started with hand lettering this fall, it has quickly become clear that you all are very interested in learning more about this art form! This post provides an upper and lowercase alphabet sample you can use as a reference for your own lettering.



#5 – Marbled Clay Jewelry Dish

These marbled jewelry dishes were hands down one of my personal favorite projects I made in 2015. Turns out they were one of your favorites too!


#4 – Crochet Cowl

It’s that time of year again…for scarves, gloves, and cozy cowls like this one! All you need to know are a few basic crochet stitches and you can whip one up in no time.


#3 – Snickers Cupcakes

Get ready for the Big Game with these delicious cupcakes…there’s a sweet surprise inside!


#2 – Denim Wrap Bracelet

This was another of my personal favorite projects, turning an old pair of Little Crafter’s jeans into a stylish denim wrap bracelet!


#1 – Basic Hand Lettering

My very first post introducing the idea of hand lettering and how honestly easy it is to do absolutely blew all of the other posts from 2015 out of the water! It’s clear that this is something you all are interested in, so I’m going to continue sharing other lettering posts and tutorials in 2016!


Speaking of which, I’m super-excited about the release of my brand new e-book, A Hand Lettered New Year! It will walk you through the month of January with a prompt, a tip, an example, and more for each day. You can skip days or do several in a row to catch up, so no worries if you can’t commit to a daily exercise. Plus, there’s a special Facebook group you can join {the link is in the book} to share your progress and get to know others who are on the same journey. I’d love for you to join us.

You can try out the first 7 days for free with this preview edition, or you can purchase the full book for just $3.95!

Thanks so much for being part of the One Artsy Mama community in 2015; I’m looking forward to sharing some exciting things with you this year!


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