Rainbow Fish Craft

How many of you are familiar with the story of The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister? Little Crafter has loved it for several years now; it’s the tale of a little fish who finds friendship and joy when he learns to share with others, as well as embracing what makes him special. Here’s a fun and simple craft you can create to go along with the book {and its sequels} and get kids talking about the important messages inside.

Rainbow Fish Craft

{some of ours were provided by Creatify/Horizon Group USA; all opinions are my own}
– blue Oly-Fun {you can substitute felt or fabric}
– Poly-Fil
– scissors
– blue thread and sewing needle
– glue
– fine glitter
– Creatify adhesive rhinestone circles
– Creatify glitter circles

Step 1: Fold your Oly-Fun/felt/fabric in half and cut out a fish shape. It can be as simple or as detailed as you like. I gave mine a top and bottom fin, a big tail, and lips. You should end up with two identical shapes. Set one aside. {I was doing this at Shrek rehearsal, so forgive the less than awesome photo here.}


Step 2: Glue your “scales” and eye to one of the fish shapes. You can use any pattern you like or do it completely randomly. I used mostly the colored glitter circles then mixed in a few of the adhesive rhinestone circles to look like Rainbow Fish’s special shiny scales. Just be sure to keep everything away from the edges since you’ll be sewing there.

Step 3: Sew the two fish shapes together, leaving an opening in the tail area. I hand stitched mine and only went around the fish’s body, not the fins or lips because that was the only part I wanted to stuff. I wanted the body to look puffy while leaving the fins thin and able to wave around.


Step 4: Stuff the fish body with poly-fil, then finish sewing around the tail area.

Step 5: Add glue and glitter to the tail.


And there you have it! Once all the glue is dry, your plush Rainbow Fish is ready to help tell his story! Is there a little person in your life who would love one of these to play with? Little Crafter was certainly excited about it. A quick note, though, I’d keep this project for kiddos 3 and up because the small pieces could come off.

Rainbow Fish Craft

Now, before you run off to make one, let’s talk for a second about Creatify, the source of the fun little gems adorning our Rainbow Fish. Have you ever been browsing around in Target {yes, I know you have…} and wished that there were more options for kids’ crafting? You, friend, are in luck because beginning in March, the new brand Creatify will be hitting shelves in select Target stores nationwide! There will be a huge variety of options; everything from google eyes, glitter, and pom-poms to crafting surfaces like mugs, flowerpots, banks, and more, ranging in price from $4.99 – $12.99. We got to test out an assortment of these goodies and we are definite fans! There are so many possibilities for what you can do with these pieces…your imagination is the limit!


Be sure to keep an eye out for these in your local Target…is it March yet?!

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  1. I love Rainbow Fish!! What a fun craft! Love it!!
    P.S. Sorry I haven’t commented very much, but my schoolwork is getting overwhelming. I’m still reading your posts faithfully, but that’s about all the spare time I have. Have a great weekend!!

  2. The kids I babysit love rainbow fish, but I think they’re a little bit too young for the sewing part. Maybe if I just cut out the fish on paper it, Then they could do the rest of the steps and still enjoy making one of their favorite book characters!

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