Harry Potter Felt Hogwarts House Banners

One of the most important ingredients of a successful party is having activities to keep your guests entertained! At Little Crafter’s Harry Potter birthday party, we made a variety of wizarding world crafts, one of which was this Hogwarts House Banner! The kids had a blast creating their own and personalizing them with the house emblems. Take a look at how simple it is to make your own:


Hogwarts House Banners


Felt – 1 sheet of black per banner, plus house colors (red, yellow, blue, green)

Wooden dowels


Hot glue gun and glue sticks


Fabric paint

Banner template

House symbols templates

Hogwarts House Banners

Creating Your Hogwarts House Banners

Step 1: Use the template to cut your black felt into a banner shape. 

I printed a template for each child onto computer paper, then had them use sewing pins to attach it to the felt before trimming along the solid lines. Fabric scissors are best to give you a clean, easy cut.

Step 2: Cut out the shape of your choice from colored felt and glue it in the center of the banner.

Most of the kids at our party knew which Hogwarts house was their favorite, and they chose to use the silhouette of that house’s animal symbol. (I found some relatively simple shapes here that worked well for our project.) However, the sky’s the limit! Feel free to cut out any shape instead, like a letter, a lightning bolt, or another wizarding world object.

For reference, in case you aren’t a Harry Potter expert, the House symbols are as follows:

Gryffindor – Lion (scarlet and gold)
Ravenclaw – Eagle (blue and bronze or silver)
Hufflepuff – Badger (yellow and black)
Slytherin – Snake (green and silver)

Step 3: Decorate with fabric paint.

This step is optional, but almost all of the kids chose to add detail with various colors of fabric paint. Some used it to outline the animal silhouettes, while others added dots, stripes, words, and other decorations.

Step 4: Glue the felt banner to the dowel. Then, tie a string around each end of the wooden dowel as a hanger.

You’ll want to make sure the paint is dry before you complete this step.

Once the string is attached and the paint is dry, your banner is ready to hang up and display your house pride!

These banners were a fun, inexpensive project that party-goers of all ages enjoyed creating. Our smaller friends (ages 6-9) required a bit of assistance with the animal silhouette cutting, so keep in mind that you may need to help out or pre-cut that part for younger crafters. What would your banner look like? Are there some Harry Potter fans in your life who would enjoy making their own house banners? Share your favorite HP craft ideas with us in the Facebook group Amy Latta & Friends!

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Hogwarts House Banners

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