Crochet 101 With One Artsy Mama

Welcome to Crochet 101!  This series is designed to help those of you who have never learned how to crochet to acquire the basic skills and stitches, and as a refresher for those of you who may have learned but forgot some of the basics.
Here’s a look at our “syllabus”!
Basic Project Tutorial/Challenge
Treble Crochet
I’d love for you to follow along with us!  Simply click on the links above to go to each session.  Keep in mind that some of these have not yet been posted, so if there’s no link, just keep practicing the other skills and come back soon!
If you’re joining the fun, feel free to grab a button for your blog, Facebook page, etc.  Also, as you learn to do each thing, I’d love for you to share your photos via Instagram/Twitter/Facebook!  Use #Crochet101 and tag me at @oneartmama {Twitter} or @oneartsymama {Instagram}!

One Artsy Mama
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  1. I just want you to know how much I’m enjoying the Crochet 101!!! I haven’t had time (YET) to start, but can’t WAIT to have a few minutes to get started on the cozy! I’m so excited & can’t wait to make some for my friends (after I make a couple more for myself, of course – ha!)

  2. One Artsy Mama
    Hello Amy! I just want to THANK YOU for doing the Crochet 101 Series!! It’s ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!
    I found you on Pinterest. I FOLLOW YOU, DOWNLOAD, PIN IT, PUT IT ON iBOOKS AND LINKED IT everywhere I could on my iPad!! I am a “ReBeginner”!! My term for someone who used to Crochet in the past but now wants to relearn how to Crochet! I crocheted in 1970 something! Before you were born! lol
    I got as far as a Granny Square and that was it. This time I want to learn from the foundation (no pun intended) up. I want to know the terminology and different stitches. I have found that with your Crochet 101 Series and your website. I tried other sites for days at a time and didn’t accomplish anything. I opened your site and found myself crocheting. The instructions are to the point without extra chit-chat. The photos are clear and up close!! That matters a great deal. The yarn color choice and back ground matters a great deal also! I wish you would extend the original Series with other Crochet Stitches. You know for us ‘ReBeginners’! Thank you again for such wonderful tutorials. I just want you to know how your site is seen by us lay people. It comes over VERY WELL!! Thank you again especially for your Crochet 101 Series Tutorials. Janet White Tidwell, jwt 3/30/17

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