Crochet 101: Chain Stitch

Hi, friends, and welcome back to Crochet 101!  Yesterday, we talked about the materials you need, how to hold your yarn and hook, and how to make a slip knot to begin your project.  The next step from here is to learn the most basic stitch, the Chain Stitch.
When reading a crochet pattern, a chain stitch is abbreviated ch.  Most patterns begin with a series of chain stitches.  For a small project, like the one I’ll be giving you on Monday, you will ch 10 to begin.  A large project, like a full size afghan may require you to ch 150.
Here’s how you do it.  First, you have to begin {as always} with the slip knot we learned.  Here’s a quick review.

Now, once you have your knot, we’re ready to begin chaining.  Your hook already has a loop on it, as shown.  Wrap your yarn around the hook {it should come over the right side}.
Now, pull down toward yourself, pulling that yarn through the loop already on your hook.
That’s it!  You just made your first chain stitch!
Just like when you started, you will have one loop on your hook.  Now, it’s time to repeat what you just did and keep on chaining!  Wrap, pull, wrap, pull, and so on.  Your chain should look a lot like a braid!

Here’s a video for those of you who want to see the live action!

What if I mess up?
No biggie!  All you have to do is remove your hook and pull the yarn and the boo-boo stitch{es} will disappear!  Crocheting is great because it’s so easy to get rid of your mistakes…as long as you notice them right away and they’re not in the middle of your project by the time you realize it!
Today’s homework?  Keep on chaining!  Remember, when I first learned, I would chain entire skeins of yarn  just for the practice!  Then, come back tomorrow and we’ll learn how to do the next stitch, a single crochet.
Extra Credit: Take a pic of your chain stitches and share them with me via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!  Use the hashtag #Crochet101 and tag me @oneartmama {Twitter} @oneartsymama {Instagram}!
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  1. When I was a teenager my grandma decided I needed to learn how to crochet. She sat down with me and my brother and taught us the basics. I caught on to chaining quickly, but I could not figure out how to single crochet into the chain. My brother became an expert at making hotpads. All I could do was chain. Years later I decided to surprise my hubby with an afghan and had a friend teach me. I guess I finally had enough motivation to catch on. Now I can’t stop! 🙂

    1. Dani, good question! The more tension you have in your yarn {the more tightly you hold it in your left hand}, the smaller your stitches will be; the less tension you have, the larger your stitches become. So, I’d suggest holding the yarn a little tighter and keeping your right hand/hook closer to your left hand while you’re stitching. Does that help?

    2. It has helped me! I had the same problem just now and came across your blog. Thank you, I’ll be following along closely from now on! 🙂

  2. I like to crochet and I’ve been doing it since I’ve been in junior high school. Has anyone tried the foundation chain stitch. Look it up and give it a whirl it beats making chain stitches.

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