Ribbon Wrap Bracelet

Thanks to Goody Beads for providing the supplies for today’s project!

Hey, friends!  Today, I’ve got a fun, quick, and easy wrap bracelet tutorial for you!  Wrap bracelets are definitely “in” right now…I love the leather ones I made a few months back, and as soon as I got my hands on some of this pretty silk ribbon from Goody Beads, I knew I needed to make a new one out of it!  For mine, I decided to stamp a special focal point, but you don’t have to.  I’ve also included instructions for non-stampers, or you can check out this great tutorial from my buddy Adrianne over at Happy Hour Projects.  Here’s a look at how I made mine…

Ribbon Wrap Bracelet


5/8″ wide Silk Ribbon
3/4″ Swirly Heart Soft Strike Metal Stamping Blank
Toggle Clasp
 1/8″ Alphabet Stamp Set
Texture Hammer with Round Dimples
– Small Metal Hole Punch
Steel Stamping Block
– Metal Stamping Hammer
– Permanent Black Marker
– Polishing Cloth or cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol
– Scissors

This project has two variations.  One is super simple and for all of you who haven’t ventured into the fun world of metal stamping {yet}!  Simply replace the stamped heart with a pre-made charm and skip to step 5!  For those of you who want to pull out a hammer and make it extra personal, here’s where you start…

Step 1: Use the small metal hole punch to make a hole in each side of the heart.

Ribbon Wrap Bracelet
Step 2: Tape your heart to a steel stamping block and use alphabet stamps to “write” a short word.  I chose “love.”  If you’ve never stamped before, check out my Metal Stamping 101 post for a full step-by-step tutorial on the basics, complete with photos.  Then, come on back here and continue!

Step 3: Color in the letters with a black permanent marker and rub off the excess with a polishing cloth or a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Step 4: {optional}  Use a texture hammer like my Dimpled Circles one to add a fun textured effect to the whole blank.

Ribbon Wrap Bracelet

Step 5: Thread the stamped blank onto your ribbon.  Cut the ribbon at a length where it will comfortably wrap around your wrist three times {or more or less, depending on your preference}.

Ribbon Wrap Bracelet

 Step 6: Tie one part of a toggle clasp onto each end of the ribbon and trim the ends.

Ribbon Wrap Bracelet

All that’s left to do is style your fabulous new bracelet!  Hooray for inexpensive, fun, personalized arm candy!

Ribbon Wrap Bracelet


What about you, friend?  What ribbon color{s} would you choose?  What would your blank say?


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