10 Minute Emoji Halloween Costume

Looking for a quick, inexpensive, super-easy last minute Halloween costume? I’ve got you covered. This 10 minute Emoji costume works great for literally anyone. Men, women, and kids of all ages and sizes can transform into their favorite emoji in just a few simple steps. Here’s how to create your own Emoji costume.

You’ll need:

yellow craft foam sheet

black and red felt (mine was adhesive!)

a pencil

a 10″ plate or other round object for tracing


wooden dowel, ruler, or paint stirring stick

tape or glue

Making Your Emoji Costume

Step 1: Trace and cut a 10″ or larger circle from yellow craft foam.

I used a 10″ plate and it was a good size to cover my entire face. However, you can feel free to make it larger if you like! I traced the plate with a pencil, then cut out the circle with craft scissors.

Step 2: Cut eyes, mouth, and any other features from felt.

I wanted to be the heart-eye emoji, so I used red and black felt. I folded my red felt in half and cut one heart first, then used it as a pattern to trace and cut the second one so they’d be the same. If you are making a different emoji, you may also need white, blue, or other colored felt. You can freehand the shapes like I did, or enlarge and trace an emoji.

Step 3: Attach the facial features to the circle.

My felt was adhesive-backed, so all I had to do was peel and stick! I particularly liked that it was repositionable, so if I didn’t like where I placed something, I could easily peel it back up and try again. If you’re working with regular felt, you can attach using hot glue or craft glue.

Step 3: Attach a stick to the back of the circle.

This will allow you to hold the emoji face in front of your own. I used duck tape to attach a wooden dowel to my emoji face, but you could also use anything else you might have around the house, like a paint stirring stick, a ruler, etc.

All that’s left is to dress in either black or yellow using clothing that’s already in your closet…what’s better than free, right? This entire “costume” cost me less than $5, which I say is a major win! It’s perfect for those of us who don’t want to spend a small fortune, as well as those of us who waited until the last minute! It’s also a really fun idea for a group costume, because each person can choose a different face!

If you try this fun and easy costume idea, I’d love to see your photos! Be sure to share them in the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook Group and/or tag me on social media @amylattacreations. Happy trick-or-treating!

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  1. Love your work. I am working through Hand lettering for relaxation. Not only is it fun to do, but with the relaxation, I start getting creative. Thank you so much!

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