Glow-in-the-Dark Spider Jar

Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you I have a thing about spiders. As in, when one crawled across my couch and then disappeared, I was ready to torch the whole thing. Just last week, I was staying in a hotel and called someone to come help me because I thought there was a spider on my ceiling and there was NO WAY I was sleeping like that. (Turns out, it was just a fly!) Anyway, even the plastic spiders in this project freak me out, which means it must be perfect for Halloween. Here’s how to make your own Glow-in-the-Dark Spider Jar.

You’ll need:

a clear glass or plastic jar

cotton balls

plastic spiders (or other toy scaries like eyeballs, other bugs, etc.)

glow stick

Making Your Spider Jar

Fill the jar with cotton balls then slide plastic spiders down the sides between the cotton and the jar. Then, activate a small glow stick and drop it down in the center of the cotton balls.

There are lots of glow stick colors available, so you can make several different jars that each light up a different color! They should glow for about 8 hours, which is plenty of time for the trick-or-treaters to make their rounds. These are perfect on the porch or lining the sidewalk. Since there’s no adhesive involved at all, after Halloween, we can take everything back out of the jar, wash it out, and use it for a Christmas craft…which is much more my speed!

Glowing Spider Jar

If you try these, I’d love to know how they turn out! Let us know in the Amy Latta & Friends Facebook Group; see you there! Also, be sure to check out the other Halloween crafts and costumes on the blog before you go.

Glow in the Dark Spider Jar

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