Crochet 101: Treble Crochet Stitch

Once you’ve learned some of the basic crochet stitches, like the chain stitch, the single crochet, and the double crochet, it’s time to move on to the treble {or triple} crochet!


*Note: If you’re just starting out, you’ll want to make sure you’ve mastered those other three stitches first, as well as how to hold your needle and yarn and how to begin with a slip knot.  You can find step by step photo tutorials for all of those things here on the blog in my Crochet 101 series. Then come on back to this post and you’ll be ready for the treble crochet.*


Ok, ready? The treble/triple crochet, abbreviated tr, is a lot like a double crochet {dc} with an extra step. Here’s how you do it.  To start my foundation, I chained 10, then chained 3 more to act as my first tr. Then…

Step 1: Wrap yarn clockwise around your hook twice.


Step 2: Insert your hook into the chain you’re working the stitch in. Yarn over and pull through.


At this point you should have four loops on your hook.


Step 3: Yarn over and pull through the first two loops on your hook. Once you do that, there should be three loops remaining on the hook.


Step 4: Yarn over and pull through two more loops on your hook. This should leave you with two loops.


Step 5: Yarn over and pull through both loops. Now you should have just one loop left on your hook and you’re ready for your next stitch.


You’ll notice that the treble crochet stitch is the tallest of all the stitches we’ve learned so far. It literally takes up about the same amount of space as three rows of single crochet stitches, so if you want less rows and larger stitches, this is a good way to go. You can place these stitches right next to each other, as I’ve done in the sample below, or you can chain one and skip a space in between them for a more open, lacy look.




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