DIY Video Gamer Collage

Fellow parents and grandparents, summer is upon us. If the kiddos in your life aren’t yet out of school, they soon will be, so it’s time to prepare for the inevitable chorus of, “I’m boooooored. What should I do?” Today, I’ve got a fun project idea for you that requires very few supplies, is incredibly inexpensive, and will take your little crafters some time to create. It can be totally customized to your kids’ personality and interests too! Take a look:

DIY VIDEO GAMER {or other theme} COLLAGE

DIY Video Gamer Collage

My 9 year old son is an avid game player and a huge fan of all things Nintendo, so he went with those interests as a general theme. However, you can easily create the same kind of project using whatever your kids like…movies, animals, books, characters, sports, music, other hobbies, etc.


magazines or other pictures of your favorite things


a canvas, any size

adhesive {glue sticks or adhesive tape work best}

STEP 1: Cut out images for your collage.

Little Crafter found a plethora of images he loved in his Game Informer magazines. He also grabbed a few pictures out of a LEGO Club magazine, like the LEGO version of BB8. If you don’t have magazines, you can also use photographs or print out pictures you find online.

This is something that school age children can do independently. Little Crafter cut some of the images into squares or rectangles, while he cut others right along the shape of the picture.

Step 2: Lay out your images and position them on your canvas.

This will give you an idea of where everything fits and whether or not you have enough pictures. LC didn’t want any white space showing, so he went back and cut out more images after his original layout. We used an 11×14 canvas, but you can choose whatever size you like. You can also use poster board or foam board as a base if that’s what you have on hand.

Optional: call in a furry expert to help with the image positioning.

Step 3: Adhere the images to your base.

We tried to disturb the layout as little as possible, working one picture at a time until everything was secure. You can use any type of adhesive you have, but we recommend tape, glue dots, or a glue stick. Liquid glue tends to make magazine pictures bubble and wrinkle, which LC definitely did not want.

Once your images are all secure, the collage is ready to hang and put on display for everyone to see!

DIY Video Gamer Collage

What do you think? Little Crafter took one look at his finished project and declared, “I. am. obsessed.” And he should be. He rocked it! Have fun this summer making your own personal collage projects…I’d love to see what you create!

DIY Video Gamer Collage

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